Womens Views On Relationships And Sex English Literature Essay

Womens Views On Relationships And Sex English Literature Essay

Women ‘s positions on relationships and sex have changed significantly since the nineteenth century. Womans have become more unfastened minded when it comes to dating, relationships and insouciant sex, and they are n’t likely to see sexual openness as something unnatural. The telecasting series Sex and the City gives us a twenty-first century position on these issues via a group of individual adult females populating in Manhattan, NY. Samantha Jones, one of the chief characters from the telecasting series, is ill-famed for her blazing gender. Samantha is a strong, independent adult female, with a successful calling and high self-pride. She is besides highly sexually active, kiping with a great trade of work forces on a regular footing. To many adult females she seems to hold it all, and her life style is considered moderately healthy. Sigmund Freud, nevertheless, would surely see her life in a different visible radiation. Is her changeless demand for sexual contact merely leniency towards her Idaho, or does it travel further than that, refering her childhood development? With a cardinal focal point on the first series of Sex and the City, this paper will exert Freudian analysis to analyse the character, Samantha Jones and her love of male genitalias, particularly refering to Freud ‘s psychosexual phases of development, and the Idaho, self-importance, superego theories.

In a metropolis where everything is available at the bead of a chapeau, and where it is possible to make about anything one wants, is it normal to invariably give to one ‘s pleasances and enticements? Supposing an person has the money or personal appeal to acquire anything they want, should they? Samantha Jones is a reasonably id-oriented person. If she sees an outfit she wants, she buys it. If she sees a adult male she wants, she gets him. Her urges sometimes acquire her into problem every bit good, like when she sleeps with married work forces. She surely does give in to her pleasance rule, but to state it is an unnatural sum of pleasance may be a spot rough. Samantha surely does non throw a tantrum if she does non acquire what she wants, and although it can be dissatisfactory, her ego composure her urges. Some more conservative persons might state her superego is n’t to the full developed, and that she could larn some lessons on manners and ethical motives ( particularly the married womans of the married work forces she ‘s been with ) . Nevertheless, that does non intend her Idaho is infesting her actions. In fact, to be every bit successful a businesswoman as Samantha is, it is impractical to state that she ca n’t command her impulses at least most of the clip. Her urges chiefly involve sex, and although this impulse does be given to linger throughout the twenty-four hours, it is non likely to be the chief ground for Samantha ‘s strong reaction towards work forces.

Small is known about Samantha ‘s childhood. The small information divulged to us in a twosome of the shows is that from an early age she was chat uping with male childs and demoing off her organic structure. We do non cognize when she foremost became sexually active, but leftovers of an incompatibility during the psychosexual phases are evident. Samantha is in many seeable ways a adult female, with her expensive places, fancy vesture and feminine figure. However, it could be alleged that her lifestyle and mentality is similar to that of a unmarried man ‘s. She is focused on her calling, enjoys a wildly self-generated sex life, and has no desire to settle down or hold kids. Samantha seldom “ falls in love ” and when she does she is frequently less emotionally attached than the adult male in the relationship. Even her moniker, Sam, is basically a adult male ‘s name, and she on occasion introduces herself as Sam Jones. There is a possibility that the phallic phase of Samantha ‘s childhood was disrupted, and that during this clip her thoughts of gender function were distorted in some manner.

During the phallic phase of Samantha ‘s childhood it is besides likely she suffered from an Electra composite. This could explicate her complete neglect for her sexual spouses ‘ feelings. Samantha ne’er gets excessively close to person she is kiping with, and frequently throws them out right after intercourse ( which most of the work forces are content with ) . If she did let them go a bigger portion of her life they might remind her excessively much of her male parent, and she may experience guilty and perverted. Alternatively, by degrading her sexual spouses, she makes them less like her male parent ( or a father figure ) and more like a male cocotte ( Barry 103 ) . In the few relationships she does acquire involved in she frequently idealizes the work forces, puting them on a base, and so is easy disappointed when they do non populate up to her criterions, go forthing them high and dry. Possibly this is because she does non desire to happen a adult male that reminds her of a good, male function theoretical account. A farther possibility is that she is covetous of these work forces and their phalluss.

An extra leftover of the Electra composite is the acquisition of phallus enviousness. When Samantha was a kid it is possible that to do up for non holding a phallus she decided to endeavor towards a high-octane calling where she could be the foreman, alternatively of make up one’s minding to be a homemaker, secretary, or some other occupation which is frequently associated with adult females. However, despite the fact that Samantha is a businesswoman, she is still really good cognizant that non holding a phallus can do it more hard to be taken earnestly in a male-oriented society. Although adult females are in many respects the peers of work forces, there is frequently an implicit in bias when working in a concern environment where work forces are superior in figure. Therefore, even being a high powered businesswoman is non needfully plenty to fulfill her phallus enviousness. She has some kind of ceaseless demand to seek out every phallus on the island of Manhattan to make full the nothingness where she feels a phallus should hold been. Furthermore, she makes certain the work forces understand it is she that is taking advantage of them, and non the other manner around, carry throughing her demand to be the “ adult male ” in the state of affairs.

Possibly Samantha is simply the ultimate women’s rightist, endeavoring towards a life where adult females are in charge, and work forces are disposable. Or, possibly she truly does hold penis enviousness, and feels confused towards her sexual orientation, missing something that should hold been hers. Samantha Jones is certainly non your typical adult female. Her independency and reassuring feminism gives her a certain border, an border which Freud would hold found unnatural for a adult female to possess. Possibly Samantha ‘s love for her male parent caused an antipathy towards relationships with other work forces, but Samantha surely does non dislike work forces. To the reverse, she loves them, but merely for a twosome of hours at a clip.