The Strange Case Of Jekyll And Hyde English Literature Essay

The Strange Case Of Jekyll And Hyde English Literature Essay

‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ‘ by R. L. Stevenson, which is accepted as the best novel of the R. L. Stevenson, foremost published in 1886 and in a existent short clip sold about 40,000 transcripts in Britain. The enigma of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is revealed by the testimonies of Mr. Enfield, Mr. Utterson, Dr. Lanyon, and Jekyll ‘s pantryman Poole. One twenty-four hours, with the aid of Dr. Jekyll ‘s will, Mr. Utterson who is the Jekyll ‘s attorney, discovers that a alien, named as Mr. Edward Hyde, is the inheritor of the Dr. Jekyll ‘s luck. Utterson foremost could n’t recognize the truth despite his broad research about this alien and conversations with his friend Dr. Jekyll but a few informants who saw this adult male merely speak about the irritating evil energy that transpires through his being. First Dr. Jekyll merely says that Mr. Hyde is a friend of his. Then when Mr. Hyde is being suspected of slaying, the enigma starts to be revealed. One dark Utterson and Poole break into Jekyll ‘s research lab and happen the decease of Mr. Hyde. Two paperss explain the enigma: Jekyll ‘s old friend Dr. Lanyon tells that, Jekyll and Hyde are the same individual. Dr. Jekyll confesses that, to divide the good and evil sides of his nature, he found a transforming drug. This drug brings the evil side of Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde, out. And one twenty-four hours Jekyll ‘s storage of drugs terminals and he finds himself altering involuntarily into Mr. Hyde wholly and irreversibly. Dr. Jekyll suicides to barricade the metabolism, but before, the last words of his confession are written by the last fragments of his nature: ‘Here so, as I lay down the pen and continue to seal up my confession, I bring the life of that unhappy Dr. Jekyll to an terminal. ‘ ( Stevenson, 181 ) .

The intent in composing this thesis is to analyze the external and internal factors that conveying the good or the evil side of a adult male out. By saying as external factors, it ‘s meant to show the socio-cultural force per unit area applied by the unnaturely formed relationships between the chesty and selfish businesspersons over a modest gentleman who is a affluent scientist at the same clip. After a piece, these relationships -that are far from the sincerity- starts to rouse the wrath hidden in one time bourgeois scientist Dr. Jekyll and starts to draw him off from his elaborate life to an old and a little sleeping room which gets colder and darker every dark with the greatest declinations of a immature scientist and burns up and lighten up with the evil desires and wraths of an evil adult male.

Actually this thesis is in nature of a mirror that shows us the hapless siluettes that belong to the unseeable swamps of the Victorian Age that merely breed to go on their ‘show off ‘s heedlessly. And Dr. Jekyll ‘s evil side appears at precisely this minute and starts to purge choler, depression and wrath over the bogus humanity.

Indeed this novel shows us a evil adult male who rebel against the system by slaying, and a gentleman who fights with his evil side to halt himself, to stop his eternal hatred to the middle class ‘s profitier moral and faith outlook which one time had him. Dr. Jekyll sometimes appears as a weeping and repenting immature scientist and sometimes as a liquidator, as Mr. Hyde, who is full of evil desires to kill, to destruct his gentle and caring side by killing him-like soft individuals. Added to that by calling as external, non merely the insincere relationships in the Victorian Age society is meant to be expressed, besides the societal and cultural province of the society is traveling to be expressed excessively. And undoubtly by calling as internal factors, the psychological science and the traumatical depression of the Dr. Jekyll is meant.

II.External Factors-Victorian Society ‘s Economical and Social State

Victorian Age was the brightest age of the England which was the period of Queen Victoria ‘s reign that started in 1837 and ended in 1901. At that clip poorness in the state decreased and engineering developed in a great sum. However in Victorian England, there were no equality in the society and every individual was belonging to a different category. This inequality could n’t project a cloud on this winning age but the Victorian Age which was full of contradictions and struggles, has been a great inspiration to tonss of writers and poets.

Victorian Era has a few prima characteristics that made it celebrated and valuable for the writers and poets. In Victorian society, there were societal categories, and blue bloods -noble and affluent ones- were on the top. Aristocrats -like Dr. Jekyll and his friends- were populating a life full of merriment, luxury and falseness. By the clip passes, extremist societal traditions and the development in the countries of poesy, literature and art had been crushed under the insincere relationships of these blue bloods. Aristocrats ever had a different apprehension of life than the remainder of the society.

The societal, economical and cultural difference among these societal categories is besides given in the novel by the elaborate descriptions of Edinburgh, where the narrative takes topographic point and besides place of birth of R. L Stevenson. In the novel, Edinburgh metropolis is described by spliting the metropolis into two distinguishable parts. First portion is the old, historical portion of the metropolis where hapless people live in. This portion of the metropolis is by and large portrayed as a topographic point that is full of slums and with the darkest frights. This subdivision of the metropolis is besides described with the common topographic points for the hapless portion of the society of the Victorian Age and besides these elaborate descriptions set visible radiation to the hypocritical, gross outing and the barbarous morality of the Victorian Age. Furthermore, in these descriptions we witness the societal and economical province of the Victorian Age society and it ‘s corrupted apprehension of life.

‘As the cab drew up before the reference indicated, the fog lifted a small and showed him a begrimed street, a gin castle, a low Gallic feeding house and sixpenny salads, many ragged kids huddled in the room accesss, and many adult females of many different nationalities go throughing out, key in manus, to hold a forenoon glass ; and the following minute the fog settled down once more upon that portion, every bit brown as umber, and cut him off from his rascally milieus. ‘ ( Stevenson, 57 ) .

And the 2nd portion of the metropolis frequently come to life within the broad and modern streets of the metropolis. ‘ … the streets every bit clean as a dance hall floor ; the lamps, undaunted by any air current, pulling a regular form of visible radiation and shadow. ‘ ( Stevenson,31 ) .

Aristocrats were by and large looking likewise when it comes to the personality. Like being colorably respectful to the societal values, being ridicilously pleased of the economical, societal and political province of the state, looking like ashamed of the sexual content and appellative self-serving matrimonies as ‘holy ‘ , being mercenary and merely believing about more money, saying hapless people as worthless and dishonourable, seeing art as a worthless tool of entartainment.

In the novel ‘The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ‘ , Dr. Jekyll and his friends belong to the upper-class and they have about all of the qualities listed supra, like populating a epicurean life, ne’er believing about the remainder of the society and the state and being materalistic. Through the novel, these qualities and the epicurean life manners of the figures are reflected to the reader with the aid of the elaborate descriptions of the topographic points ‘ … into a big, low roofed, comfy hall paved with flags, warmed by a bright, unfastened fire, and furnished with dearly-won cabinets of oak. ‘ ( Stevenson, 39 ) . These elaborate descriptions besides prove the peaceful and epicurean life manner of the blue bloods. Furthermore, through the novel, this affluent life manner is besides stated in the narrations of the Dr. Jekyll. These narrations show us the economical and societal province of the Dr. Jekyll and besides give us informations about the earlier life of Dr. Jekyll. These narrations help us to conceive of Dr. Jekyll as a true blue blood indeed. ‘ I was born in the twelvemonth 18- to a big luck, … , fond of the regard of the wise and good among my fellowmen, and therefore, as might hold been supposed, with every quarantee of an honorable and distinguished hereafter. ‘ ( Stevenson, 139 ) . In an age and a societal and economical province like that, Dr. Jekyll noticed that, he was progressively acquiring farther off from earnestness and going a selfish and a greedy animal.

Corrupt outlook of the Victorian Age blue bloods and their categorization of art -as a worthless tool of entartainment- ensured today ‘s art and literature to be purely bonded to an highly solid beginning. Philosophers like Max Weber, Karl Marx, Sidney Webb ; painters like Claude Monet, Dante G. Rosetti and writers like Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Oscar Wilde all had arised in this age. Victorian Age had a great impact on the society psychologically. Dr. Jekyll was belonging to the blue bloods but by the clip passes he besides had been a portion of the psychological revolution lifting in the society.

III.Internal Factors-Psychological State of Dr. Jekyll

With the aid of the find that he had made, Dr. Jekyll eventually discoveres a manner to let go of his natural and down individuality. Dr. Jekyll finds a manner to show his choler which had been depressed by himself to transport on his epicurean and selfish life manner. The concealed choler for the bogus humanity… The drug1 -‘drug ‘ word can peal a bell with every individual who knows the celebrated ‘forbidden fruit ‘ narrative, symbol of desires and the greed ( one of the greatest seven wickednesss ) , in the Bible ; which is the ground for the ostracism of Adam and Eve from the Heaven and damnation with mortality- that had been discovered by Dr. Jekyll was a key that would transport Dr. Jekyll to his dreams.

1 ‘ … and out of the land made the Lord God to turn every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for nutrient ; the tree of life besides in the thick of the garden, and the tree of cognition of good and evil… .

And the Lord God commanded the adult male, stating, Of every tree of the garden 1000 mayest freely eat:

But of the tree of the cognition of good and evil, thou shalt non eat of it: for in the twenty-four hours that 1000 eatest thereof 1000 shalt certainly die… ‘-Genesis 2: 9, 16-17 ( KJV ) –

In fact, Dr. Jekyll symbolizes the desire of societal revolution awakened in the society in the Victorian Age. Victorian Age had a great influence on Dr. Jekyll and brought his natural and pure desires, his good and evil sides out. Indeed, Dr. Jekyll symbolizes the wrath arised, towards the blue bloods, in the society and the chief ground that brought Mr. Hyde out was besides this resistless wrath. From one facet, Dr. Jekyll is a respectable blue blood who can non abandon his epicurean life and on the other manus he is the symbol of the psychological revolution and the metabolism of the society.

We can state that, Dr. Jekyll had suffered psychologically and had experienced a deep injury after detecting he lived a pointless and a hollow life in fact. ‘I began to comprehend more deeply than it has of all time yet been stated, the shaking immateriality, the mistlike transiency, of this apparently so solid organic structure in which we walk attired. ‘ ( Stevenson,143 ) . Because of the insincere behavior he had, to transport on his valuable place in the society, he had been pushed into a psychological injury which ended with a sort of physical dementedness. In fact, the state of affairs that Dr. Jekyll struggles in, is really a sort of thinking with his ain being. Dr. Jekyll really inquiries his ain being and attempts to happen an reply to his hypocritical nature. Dr. Jekyll, who had been urged to act as a normal citizen, experiences the waking up of his ain psyche and discovers the most benighted corners of his ain being. It can be said that, every individual is a mixture of the immorality and the good ( Ying-yang2 ) and the ratio between these

2 ‘The antediluvian Chinese subscribe to a construct called Yin Yang which is a belief that there exist two complementary forces in the existence. One is Yang which represents everything positive or masculine and the other is Yin which is characterized as negative or feminine. One is non better than the other. Alternatively they are both necessary and a balance of both is extremely desirable. In the construct of Yin Yang, excessively much of either one is bad. The ideal is a balance of both. The hot Saharan desert for illustration is an illustration of utmost Yang while the acrimonious cold Antarctica is utmost Yin. Neither is desirable. ‘ ( Resource: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

forces, alterations individual to individual. Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll has a relation similar to this. When we look at Mr. Hyde in the novel, he is frequently described as a short and a thin adult male ; because he is the symbol of the down ideas, suppressed wrath for the hypocritical society and the concealed desire of freedom. ‘I looked down ; my apparels hung formlessly on my shriveled limbs ; the manus that lay on my articulatio genus was corded and haired. ‘ ( Stevenson,171 ) and cipher wants to acquire closer to him and people who witnesses his being, gets irritated of his presence and his evil energy that transpires through his organic structure ; because Mr. Hyde symbolizes the suppressed ideas, desires and feelings of the humanity and every person in the society afraids of confronting with the world because people think that being hypocritical and insincere in societal interactions, is easier and good in general.

Mr. Hyde is so a rebellion to the natural lip service of the humanity. The suppressed wrath of Dr. Jekyll, towards the blue bloods, shows up with the slaying of an blue blood by Mr. Hyde.

When Dr. Jekyll transforms into Mr. Hyde, he feels felicity and freedom ; because for the first clip, he behaves freely as he desires and for the first clip he squirm out of his lip service. ‘I felt younger, lighter, happier in organic structure ; within I was witting of a judicious foolhardiness, … , a solution of the bonds of duty, an unknown but non an guiltless freedom of the soul. ‘ ( Stevenson,147 ) . In fact, Dr Jekyll does the thing that every person desires to make and for the ground that remainder of the society could n’t be courageous plenty as Dr. Jekyll ( or Mr. Hyde ) and could n’t make to the pureness, beware of him and they find his odor and visual aspect irritating. In fact, Mr. Hyde is the look of the disgust for the Victorian Age ‘s hypocritical society and for the ground that every person in the society has that lip service in his or her nature, sees Mr. Hyde as an enemy or an evil individual.

IV. Symbols-Metaphors

In the novel, there are some symbols which frequently come in sight -like the drug we have mentioned before- and one of them and possibly the most of import 1 is, the salt. Salt is frequently stated as a major ingredient for the drug prepared by Dr. Jekyll ; ‘ … a big measure of a peculiar salt which I knew, from my experiments, to be the last ingredient required… ‘ ( Stevenson, 145 ) .

Salt is a cleansing stuff which is every bit popular as holy H2O when it comes to the dispossession rituels. Salt is a common stuff used in the approvals and in the purification rites, to be protected from the evil spirits3. Salt is believed to be a holy stuff that repels evil, negative energy or in other footings, evil liquors. Salt has a different topographic point in every belief and civilization. For illustration in Germany, salt is put into the corners of the house to drive evil liquors. Besides harmonizing to the old Judaic traditions, Judaic people were used to dunk their

3 Phosphorus: Let us pray. Almighty and everlasting God, we meekly implore you, in your unmeasurable kindness and love, to bless this salt which you created and gave to the usage of world, so that it may go a beginning of wellness for the heads and organic structures of all who make usage of it. May it rid whatever it touches or jimmiess of all uncleanness, and protect it from every assault of evil liquors. Through Christ our Lord.

Roentgen: Amons. ( Resource: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Challah or bread into salt on Shabbat Day. In Japan, sumo grapplers frequently throw salt into the ring before the lucifer starts in order to sublimate and consecrate the ring and drive the evil energy. Added to that, in heathen rituels, salt has been used in interrupting expletives, evil enchantments. There are still some states that keep these sort of traditions alive like throwing a pinch of salt over the shoulder to drive evil energy. Besides there are some mentions to salt in the Bible: In Old Testament, Lot ‘s married woman turns into a pillar of salt. Again, in New Testament, Matthew 15:3, Jesus talking to his adherents ; ‘You are the salt of the Earth. ‘ . Apart from that, salt has a of import function in art too.When we take a closer expression at Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s celebrated picture of ‘The Last Supper ‘ . We see that Judas -Jesus ‘ disciple- spills over a bowl full of salt. It can merely be figured out from the celebrated picture that, salt is the symbol of the natural balance formed between the good and the immorality.

Dr. Jekyll adds salt in his drug and as a consequence of thi, evil side of his -Mr. Hyde- comes out. We mentioned that, salt repels evil and it is a holy stuff that helps maintaining the balance between the good and the evil stalls. So we can state that, evil side of Dr. Jekyll is repelled from his organic structure with the consequence of the salt. This transmutation processes good to the immorality and immorality to the good in both ways ( Dr. Jekyll transforms into Mr. Hyde and Mr. Hyde transforms into Dr. Jekyll ) . So we can state that, salt ensures this transmutation to procedure in both ways decently and controls the balance between the good and the immorality.

In the novel there are some other symbols like the mirror and the fireplace. In the novel, Dr. Jekyll buys a mirror to detect his metabolism. ‘There was no mirror, at that day of the month, in my room ; that which stands beside me as I write, was brought at that place subsequently on and for the really intent of these transmutations. ‘ ( Stevenson, 147 ) . Mirror, in fact, shows him the good and the immorality. Dr. Jekyll, in his confessions, does non utilize the ‘buy ‘ word. Alternatively of that, he says that ; mirror ‘was brought at that place subsequently ‘ . This reminds us of a Godhead force which observes this metabolism and impulses Dr. Jekyll to witness the nature of the Mankind and so this force tries to penalize Dr. Jekyll because of his experiments that has damaged the balance between the good and the immorality and curses him with Mr. Hyde. We can call it as poetic justness.

Through the novel, bosom in Dr. Jekyll ‘s house is frequently described as a bright and powerful fire within. ‘The hall, when they entered it, was brilliantly lighted up ; the fire was built high ; and about the bosom the whole of the retainers, … ‘ ( Stevenson, 93 ) . In some parts of the books, like when the transmutation happens or when Mr. Utterson arrives to see Dr. Jekyll, there is frequently a description of the bosom given. When an of import thing happens, in general, a description of the fire in the bosom is given. Fire in the bosom can typify the snake pit ; because when Mr. Hyde appears or a bad thing happens, fire grows up and illume up the house. Fire in the bosom can besides typify the evil feelings and desires in the bosom or in the head of Dr. Jekyll.

Besides it is impossible to speak about the metaphors in the novel without adverting the name of the Mr. Hyde. By calling this character as ‘Hyde ‘ , Stevenson tries to originate the word ‘hide ‘ in readers ‘ heads. His name is Hyde because he symbolizes the concealed feelings, ideas and desires of Dr. Jekyll.


Our research inquiry was: To what extent, in the novel ‘The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ‘ by R. L. Stevenson, the good and the evil sides of a adult male is brought to visible radiation by the external ( societal ) and internal ( psychological ) factors and what are the consequences of this metabolism over the psychological science of Dr. Jekyll? Through this essay, I have tried to reply this inquiry by analyzing the effects of external and internal factors on a adult male.

Robert Louis Stevenson uses the 3rd individual narrative technic and with the aid of this type of narrative, he creates a cryptic and a breath-taking ambiance where the enigma of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is revealed by the testimonies of Mr. Enfield, Mr. Utterson, Dr. Lanyon, and Jekyll ‘s pantryman Poole.

In decision, while analyzing our research inquiry, we have seen that both external and internal factors have a great consequence on conveying the good and the evil sides of a adult male out and besides these factors are profoundly related with the natural balance between the good and the evil forces. We have mentioned the societal and the economical province of the metropolis ; Edinburg, the age -Victorian Era- that the novel takes topographic point and the societal and economical province of the Victorian society, the corrupted Victorian outlook -which ensures blue bloods to govern the remainder of the society- . We have besides mentioned the lip service, nobility and inequality. We have examined the societal and economical differences between the societal categories of the society -between blue bloods and the citizens- . We have examined the psychological science of Dr. Jekyll. We have besides examined some of the symbols and metaphors that have been mentioned in the novel and which really makes the fresh unique and a global classic.