The Innocence Of People Locked Up Abroad English Literature Essay

The Innocence Of People Locked Up Abroad English Literature Essay

December 4, 2009, American pupil Amanda Knox is convicted and sentenced to 26 old ages in prison for the slaying of her English roomie Meredith Kercher. A atrocious and violent offense that shocked the beautiful college town of Perugia, Italy on the dark of November 1, 2007. Amanda was one of three suspects convicted in the slaying, along with her former fellow Raffaeli Sollecito and a local drug trader Rudy Guede. Prosecution argued that Meredith was murdered after worsening to fall in a drug fueled sex game. Evidence pointed to sexual assault and a pang lesion to the cervix that led to Meredith deceasing a slow painful decease of choking on her ain blood, and everyone wanted replies. There was plentifulness of grounds, but there was no sufficient grounds to convict Amanda Knox or Raffaeli Sollecito for the slaying of Meredith Kercher.

November 2, 2007, Amanda Knox came home after passing the dark with Raffaeli Sollecito. Amanda shared the level with Meredith Kercher and two Italian misss, who were out of town. She came place to happen the front door unfastened, but continued to travel into the house and took a shower. She called her female parent afterwards to allow her cognize she was all right but she found the door unfastened and she think person else was in the house. She besides stated that she could n’t happen Meredith. A small spot subsequently the Post and Communication constabularies ( particular division for phone and media offenses ) pulled up in the forepart of the level to return two cell phones that a local neighbour found in her garden that forenoon. The constabulary traced them to the reference of the level. The constabulary found Amanda and Raffaeli standing outside to stating that the house had been broken into and that a window had been broken. They said that they had called the Carabineri ( the Italian constabulary ) and were waiting for them to get. Raffaeli really had called his sister after they showed up, who is in the Carabineri. After he called her so called the Carabineri at 12:51 and so once more at 12:54 ( Wikipedia ) .Amanda called her roomies and one of them showed up with her boyfriend.When the Carabineri showed up they had found hints of blood throughout the house, including the bathroom Amanda took a shower in. They found that Meredith ‘s sleeping room door had been locked. The constabulary forced the door unfastened to happen blood throughout the room and Meredith ‘s hardly clothed organic structure on the floor underneath a eiderdown screen. They secured the room and began to look into naming in a forensics squad. They concluded that the interruption in had been staged. And nil had been taken from the other misss. Meredith had died from a pang lesion to the cervix.

Amanda Knox was arrested on November 6, 2007 for the slaying of her roomie. After yearss of question, she confessed to being in the house the dark that Meredith was murdered. She besides named her foreman at a local saloon Patrick Lumumba as the 1 that murdered her. He was instantly arrested. Amanda signed a confession, which she subsequently wrote a missive saying “ I ‘m really dubious of the truth of my statements because they were made under force per unit areas of emphasis, daze and utmost exhaustion. ” ( Wikipedia ) . There are no video tapes of her confession. Raffaeli Sollecito was besides arrested for Meredith ‘s slaying. November 20, 2007 they arrested Rudy Guede in Germany, after fiting a bloody handprint through a database. Guede stated that he had programs to run into with Meredith after run intoing at a Halloween party. He said he showed up, they had sex and he went to the bathroom. When he came out he said he found a alien in the house, and Meredith already stabbed. Guede said he found something to clean the blood off of Meredith and waited with her until she stopped take a breathing. He claimed he took money and the two cell phones out of Meredith ‘s bag, so ran off. Rudy Guede changed this narrative several times throughout Amanda and Raffaeli ‘s test, although he did n’t attest in it. Finally on December 14, 2007, the Kercher household was able to put Meredith to rest back in London.

Every probe needed grounds to convict person of a offense. The forensics squad found Rudy Guede ‘s DNA all over Meredith ‘s room. They found his Deoxyribonucleic acid on and inside of Meredith ‘s organic structure. They besides found hints of his Deoxyribonucleic acid on her bag. At Raffaeli ‘s flat they found two kitchen knives with Amanda ‘s fingerprints on the grip. The defence argued that Amanda was at Raffaeli ‘s and her fingerprints on the knife was n’t anything out of the ordinary. On one of the knives tips they found hints of Meredith ‘s Deoxyribonucleic acid, but the defence argued that the DNA was “ low transcript Deoxyribonucleic acid testing ” which is n’t a dependable beginning for proving Deoxyribonucleic acid It does n’t even indicated if it is human blood or animate being blood ( Dateline NBC ) . The knives found were n’t consistent with her stab lesions. The knives besides tested negative for blood. Besides forensics found little footmarks that matched Amanda and Raffaeli. Both claimed that they were in the house the twenty-four hours after the slaying and stepped in some of the little sums of blood that were all over the level. In the bathroom they found in the bidet Meredith ‘s blood and Amanda ‘s blood mixed. Amanda ‘s defence squad says that would be consistent to the fact that they shared a bathroom. About two months after Meredith ‘s slaying the forensics squad went back to recover more grounds, they found a bandeau clasp. After picking it up, dropping it, and so traveling it about on the floor they found a little intimation of Raffaeli ‘s Deoxyribonucleic acid on it. They besides found three unidentified hints of DNA ( Wikipedia ) . The piece of grounds had been contaminated and the defence had the forensic picture to turn out it. There was no physical grounds to associate Amanda and Raffaeli to the Meredith ‘s slaying.

The prosecution claimed that both Amanda and Raffaeli had alibi ‘s that did n’t fit what the other had said. They switched from being at his house smoke marihuana and watching a downloaded film, to being at the scene of the slaying. At one point during oppugning Raffaeli claimed that Amanda had left his topographic point for a period of clip on the dark Meredith was murdered. Raffaeli claimed he was on the computing machine on that eventide. The prosecution states that there was no grounds that Raffaeli had been on the cyberspace that dark. Ironically, the computing machine difficult thrust had been destroyed when the prosecution ‘s computing machine expert examined it. The prosecution said that there was leery behaviour from both Amanda and Raffaeli. When Meredith ‘s organic structure was discovered, camera caught the two of them snuggling and snoging. Amanda stated she was scared and Raffaeli was seeking to soothe her. At the constabulary station yearss after the slaying, Amanda went in for oppugning. While she was waiting informants say she was making cartwheels. Amanda subsequently stated she was making Yoga to quiet herself down. The lone piece of little grounds that could hold been used against Amanda would be the confession. Amanda went to the constabulary station, non recognizing she was traveling to be interrogated. During the ordeal of the question Amanda was n’t allowed to utilize the bathroom until she confessed. She besides claimed that she had been hit several times during the class of the question. She spent about 53 hours in question when she signed the confession and named Patrick Lumumba as the liquidator.

On December 4, 2009 the jury found Amanda Knox and Raffaeli Sollecito guilty of the slaying and sexual assault of Meredith Kercher. Amanda was sentenced to 26 old ages in prison. Raffaeli was sentenced to 25 old ages in prison. Both of their lawyers have filed entreaties. In the instance of Amanda Knox grounds had been tainted and switched around to suit what the prosecution believed happened. There was no grounds in the house to put Amanda at the scene of the offense. The small grounds they had toward Raffaeli Sollecito had been tainted or had been destroyed by the prosecution. Amanda ‘s confession was nil but a gag. There was so much more grounds in the instance and all of it has been contradicted by the defence squad. Meredith Kercher ‘s decease was a atrocious calamity and justness should be served. Convicting guiltless people of her slaying is n’t conveying her the justness that she deserves. There was no sufficient grounds to convict Amanda Knox and Raffaeli Sollecito of the slaying of Meredith Kercher. There was ne’er any grounds to state that multiple people were involved. All of the grounds points to Rudy Guede. In early March of 2009 Rudy ‘s former cell mate claimed that Rudy confessed that Amanda and Raffaeli were ne’er apart of the slaying and a friend of his was. He ne’er mentioned any names. Rudy Guede denies these allegations. Amanda and Raffaeli ‘s alibis did n’t precisely fit up, but Rudy Guede changed his narrative legion times and the prosecution still believed him. Even a household member Paolo Caporali claimed Rudy was a “ enormous prevaricator ” . Rudy Guede had a condemnable record and had broken several topographic points months before the slaying. On April 19, 2010 Amanda Knox ‘s lawyers released a statement to ABC News that stated they had a new informant claiming that Amanda and Raffaeli were n’t at the scene the dark of the slaying ( Canning, Netter, and Battiste ) Amanda and Raffaeli ‘s entreaties test begins in the autumn of 2010, under a new justice and jury.