The Creation Of Frankensteins Problems And Crimes English Literature Essay

The Creation Of Frankensteins Problems And Crimes English Literature Essay

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein examines the reverberations of what happens when adult male attempts to play God. Victor Frankenstein should be blamed for the offenses the monster commits. In an effort to achieve wisdom and glorification, Frankenstein unleashes a panic upon the universe. The animal he creates is tremendous in size, dreadful in visual aspect, and surprisingly intelligent. Dr. Frankenstein abandons the monster and becomes an castaway of society. Repeatedly, the animal seeks credence for his intelligence and personality, and repeatedly, humankind culls him because of his visual aspect. As retaliation, the animal attempts to do Dr. Frankenstein every bit suffering as he is by killing everyone who is near to his Godhead. Although he commits the offenses as an act of retaliation, the animal can non be accountable for his actions. Victor Frankenstein, and no 1 else, is wholly responsible for the monster ‘s actions.

In the novel, life itself fascinates Victor Frankenstein, so much that he attempts to make it himself, and he brings a awful animal to life. The animal kills Victor ‘s loved 1s including his best friend, Henry Clerval, his brother, William, and his married woman, Elizabeth. He besides indirectly causes the decease of Victor ‘s male parent who is so overcome with heartache because of the decease of his household members that he dies. Dr. Frankenstein alterations throughout the novel from a funny, and ambitious immature adult male, fascinated by scientific discipline, into a disheartened, contrite adult male burdened with his scientific enterprise gone amiss. Although Victor Frankenstein calls his creative activity a monster, and considers it gross outing and abhorrent, Frankenstein is the 1 who behaves like a monster. He claims to hold created the monster for an honest intent: to get the better of decease. However, it is clear that his enterprise is mostly for selfish intents, as he states: “ I was surprised that among so many work forces of mastermind who had directed their questions towards the same scientific discipline, that I entirely should be reserved to detect so amazing a secret ” ( Shelley 53 ) . Dr. Frankenstein attempts to play God and creates a life being without sing the possible effects.

Frankenstein ‘s creative activity merely wants humanity to accept him for what he is. All the monster wants is a comrade or a friend. He wants person he can speak to, person to love him, and person to love back. He even asks his Godhead for a comrade when he says, “ I am entirely and suffering ; adult male will non tie in with me ; but one as deformed and atrocious as myself would non deny herself to me. My comrade must be of the same species and have the same defects. This being you must make ” ( Shelley 146 ) . The monster ‘s rejection by humanity and his Godhead compel him to seek retaliation. The fortunes that Frankenstein puts him under force him to perpetrate slaying. When he realizes that no 1 will accept him he states, “ There was non among the myriads of work forces that existed who would feel for or help me ; and should I experience kindness towards my enemies? A No ” ( Shelley 138 ) . The monster notes all work forces reject him, so he has no ground to demo kindness toward anyone. Frankenstein is morally incorrect to ignore the animal chiefly because he is the Godhead and interior decorator of the full operation. He should hold realized his parent-like errands he owed to the animal. If he wants to purposefully give the breath of life to person, he must accept his duties as a Godhead whether it is a successful accomplishment or non.

The fact that Victor chooses to maintain the creative activity of his monster a secret suggests that he is guilty for the slayings. Victor refuses to acknowledge to anyone the truth about what he has created, even as he sees the effects of his creative activity gyrating out of control. Frankenstein ne’er admits to his household and friends what he has done ; he ne’er takes duty for his actions. It is about as if he kills his brother, his married woman, and his best friend himself. When Mary Shelley writes, “ My first idea was to detect what I knew of the liquidator, and cause instant chase to be made. But I paused when I reflected on the narrative I had to state. “ ( Shelley 78 ) , it shows that Victor realizes that he is the ground for William ‘s decease. Justine, a immature miss adopted by the Frankenstein household, takes the incrimination for William ‘s slaying, and dies for Frankenstein ‘s secret. Elizabeth dies because Victor chooses non to make another monster. The monster did non needfully desire another monster-like comrade, he merely wanted credence. Victor may hold admitted to making the monster, but he denied that he had driven the monster to perpetrate slaying. He needed to acknowledge, non merely to himself, but besides to his household that he is the 1 responsible for William ‘s slaying. By non acknowledging this, he allows the animal to slay his friend and his married woman every bit good. Frankenstein ‘s finding that no 1 discovers his secret becomes his ruin. Victor is responsible for every action of his ain and for the actions of the monster.

There are many blemished statements that province that the monster is the merely 1 to fault for the slayings in the novel. The resistance should non fault the animal or keep him responsible for his actions and bad luck. By rejecting the monster and doing him experience like an castaway, Victor causes him to perpetrate slaying. He brings the monster into the universe without giving him any support or counsel ; he wholly deserts the animal. When the monster tries to do friends, everyone either runs off from him or attempts to kill him. When he saves a immature miss from submerging, person shoots at him. No 1 gives the animal any picks. The animal is sing these incidents. His actions do non do his rejection and bad luck ; nevertheless, his visual aspect, a physical trait that he can non alter, does. The animal ‘s bad luck is that he is horrid and abhorrent. He does non take to be physically deformed ; Frankenstein creates him that manner. Therefore, Victor is finally responsible for the being ‘s rejection. At the terminal of the novel, as the monster speaks over Victor ‘s dead organic structure, he says, “ I, the suffering and the abandoned, am an abortion, to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on ” ( Shelley 224 ) . By mentioning to abortion, the monster expresses his idea that he is an unwanted being, shunned by his Godhead. He commits slaying because he is abused Victor ; the deceases in the novel are Victor ‘s mistake.

Dr. Frankenstein should finally be responsible for the slayings the animal commits because he creates the monster out of an chesty chase of glorification, he rejects the animal every bit shortly as he creates it without giving it a opportunity, and because he ne’er attempts to halt the animal or take duty until it is excessively late. Victor Frankenstein attempts to carry through something that no adult male has done before him: create life utilizing his ain cognition and scientific abilities. He discovers a manner to, in a sense, drama God by making his ain signifier of life. However, his selfish scientific ends finally destroy him and his loved 1s. Victor ‘s ain picks create the war he finds himself fighting with throughout the novel.