Marginalized Excluded Or Silenced English Literature Essay

Marginalized Excluded Or Silenced English Literature Essay

The essay claims Khaled Hosseini demonstrates the adult females in Afghan society, their unequal intervention, their right to instruction is ignored, under-age matrimonies and yet shows the contrasts by comparing her life to Laila ‘s.

The essay discovers the marginalization of adult females in the text by Khaled Hosseini, and exhibits the patriarchal laterality of work forces in Afghan society.

The text clearly explains the adversities in different Fieldss faced by the adult females community in Afghani society reflecting on their instruction, matrimony, and relationships and the patriarchal society.

“ Learn this now and larn it good, my girl: Like a compass acerate leaf that points north, a adult male ‘s accusative finger ever finds a adult females. Always. You remember that, Mariam. ” -Nana[ 1 ]

Nana, the female parent of the supporter advises her girl of how adult females are treated in their community. This quotation mark is one of the lessons learnt in Nana ‘s life through her ain experience. This quotation mark indicates the marginalization of adult females in the scene due to the laterality of work forces. In assorted cases in the text we see Nana warning her girl. Mariam is a Harami or the bogus girl of Jalil. “ Harami is like an insect, like the scurrying cockroaches ”[ 2 ]. She is marginalised at such an early age by non being accepted even by her male parent. Her female parent keeps her privy, and lives in hurting and plodding. Once she said, “ I ‘ll decease if you go. I ‘ll merely decease ”[ 3 ]She threatens if her girl of all time goes out on her ain, she will hang herself. She is evidently over protective. Nana, the female parent epitomises the deplorable status of adult females, cheated, jilted, left on her to look after herself and her illicit girl.

Nana speaks through her rough experiences when she lived as a amah in Jalil ‘s house until she got pregnant by him. Later she lived in the shed with Mariam. Nana has merely Mariam to depend on ; she is the lone individual she lives for.Her bitter relationship with Jalil has made her really stoic and intolerant towards the universe in general. She is non happy of Jalil ‘s hebdomadal visits to his girl and discourages her to hold any hopes about her male parent. Mariam on the other manus is really eager to be with her male parent to pass quality is when one twenty-four hours he breaks the promise of taking her to films, her universe crumbles down. She so knows what her societal base is. She is the most unwanted, ostracised being. Her female parent ‘s drastic self-destruction because of her adds on to the injury. Her life from so on, is a series of traumatic incidents. Her matrimony to an old adult male leads her to be a domesticated adult female. Her non being able to gestate comes as a distinguishable black grade. Rasheed her old hubby hates her and treats her despicably. Her life is a way of low wretchedness, physically and emotionally traumatised.


Laila, the other supporter has a better life than Mariam for she is educated. Mariam was home tutored in Koran which was why Mariam knew how to read and compose. However, Mariam ‘s female parent did non promote her to travel to school as she believed, ” It ‘s our batch in life, Mariam. Womans like us. We endure. It ‘s all we have. Make you understand? “[ 4 ]

There seems to be no love of any sort, even true love of Laila and Tariq are squashed and her hateful bonded relationship with Tariq indicates the function of the subservient nature of adult females in the novel. Expanding the 2nd subject, the author relates matrimony and true love. The matrimonies in the novel are forced ; so the likely being of true love is less. Mariam hopes her matrimony could ensue into felicity and love but Mariam is forced by her male parent to get married Rasheed who is around 30 old ages older than Mariam. However, Mariam decides to look beyond the age difference and attempts to accommodate to the state of affairs. On the other manus, Laila is besides forced to get married Rasheed. However ; Laila and Tariq win to get married each other at the terminal. Domestic force against adult females is clearly depicted when Once Rasheed takes a smattering of pebbles and forces Mariam ‘s oral cavity unfastened and stuffs them in and asks her to masticate the pebbles, as she was scared, she starts to make as asked and consequences in interrupting two of her grinders. “ Now you know what your rice gustatory sensations like. Now you know what you ‘ve given me in this matrimony. Bad nutrient and nil else. ”[ 5 ]This is a effect of Mariam ‘s inability to give birth.

Though married to the same adult male, the two adult females in the text possess a strong bond with each other despite their quandary. Their bad lucks made them Alliess ; their friendly relationship is the lone heat one sees in the desperation of muliebrity. The two female supporters, Mariam and Laila portion a really good relationship organizing a much more powerful familial bond. “ Rasheed cries for Laila to come upstairs and shut her up. That ‘s when a expression passes between Laila and Mariamaˆ¦.. And in this fleeting, mute exchange with Mariam, Laila knows that they are non enemies any longer. ”[ 6 ]A In the last scene, Mariam would hold ne’er attainted the will and courage to contend Rasheed with the support and encouragement from Laila.

Patriarchal system in the Afghan society leads to a gender inequality and we see the manner the Rasheed treats the two adult females, Mariam and Laila. The system supported by spiritual beliefs, misunderstood many times by people. The hubby ‘s physical and fiscal laterality punctuates every phase of adult female ‘s life.

Male laterality leads to atrociousnesss indefinable and tortures that Mariam, the female supporter goes through is impossible. We wonder if there is any such disclosure of snake pit, we could of all time conceive of, it is here. Women acquire violated sexually and go the really name of domestic force.

In a grim, sordid, despairing life of Mariam, we see the other adult females in Afghanistan who are deprived of regard and basic human compassion.