?geographic information systems specialist Essay

?geographic information systems specialist Essay

The Role Geofgraphic Information System

– … The GIS information they obtained aided their studies with the focus being on identifying important services and target areas; establishing liability structures between municipalities and citizens; researching the levels of satisfaction with service delivery; and enabling the supervising of municipalities’ delivery of primary services. CONSTRUCTIVE SUGGESTION Through my investigation of service provision in Kensington, I felt that there could be improved efforts in the recycling of solid waste….  

A Career as a Geographical Information System Analyst

– … During this period the pioneering group established the concepts of modern GIS technology. The change of data and computers started to happen in the 1980’s. Spatial database management systems developed which linked computer mapping capabilities with the traditional databases. In the mid- 1980’s the nature of data and the processing determined the data structure in the general consensus. GIS continuously grew in the 90’s and will continue to change more and more to keep intact with today’s technology….  

Geographic Information Systems

– A revolution of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) occurred in the mid- 1980s and this was characterised by massive innovations in the way geographic data was collected, stored, manipulated and managed (Openshaw and Openshaw 1997). Since GIS is an enabling technology, Cromley and McIafferty (2002) stated that striving to reach a consensus definition of GIS would be extremely difficulty. Longley et al (2001) however pointed out that the strength and prowess of GIS as automated systems in the way they enable the capture, storage, retrieval, analysis and in the display of spatial data….  

Geographic Information Systems and Evapotranspiration

– … et al. 2003. GIS-assisted spatially distributed modeling of the potential evapotranspiration in semi-arid climate of the Chinese Loess Plateau” This paper looks at the use of DEM-based and GIS-assisted methods in carrying out spatially distributed estimation of the PET. Out of the many non-spatially models used to estimate PET in arid and semi-arid regions, by use of station-based meteorological data, only three of these models were selected-because they are simple to use and the input data is readily available-and their performance was tested in order to choose the best one for modelling….  

Geographic Information System

– Geographic Information System or GIS provides the IT professionals the tools to create “smart maps,” maps that knew a circle represented a sampling point, a rectangle represented a building and a long curvy line represented a road (Hammond, 2006). “Mapifying” data sets identifies the uniqueness of each process involves in data trail. Therefore, a project manager should understand the collision of each process and each process evaluates its success. Understanding what comprises success for the database manager is also vital for the project manager….