Field Work About Ritual Leaders English Literature Essay

Field Work About Ritual Leaders English Literature Essay

As we got the field work assignment we were thrilled to make a work which was truly a new thing for us. We were certain that we are traveling to hold fun throughout this assignment. After taking my subject for my field work as Ritual Leaders, I asked many people about the ritual leaders around my topographic point and many other topographic points. First all the people stared at me as if I ‘m making a great error. But, after I convinced them stating my demand of cognizing about the ritual leaders they helped me by stating whatever they know about the subject.

After inquiring many people I got a list of ritual leaders remaining in and around the topographic point I ‘m remaining. That was a small drawn-out list that certainly I can non run into all those people. So I short listed the list and chose three people from the list and planned to run into them. I arranged a picture camera so that I can hit the scene of questioning them. The three people I ‘ve shortlisted was the 1 who stays in Mylapore, people call him Bhai ( Brother ) . He is a Muslim. We must take assignment to run into him as there are many people to see him daily. The second was a lady who is in Thoothukudi ; a territory in Tamil Nadu and the tierce was a priest of a temple in Mukkani, a topographic point near to Thoothukudi.

When I went to Bhai ‘s topographic point with my friend Shankar, who is my neighbour, we got a hearty welcome from Bhai. I took Shankar because, I was small weak in talking Tamil. There were many people in forepart of his house who took assignments earlier. We were besides asked to wait there for some clip. All the people who waited there went inside one by one and came out with a happy face. When all were gone, so it was our bend to acquire in as we were the last appointive people for the twenty-four hours. When we get in, first what I saw was, Bhai sitting on his chair have oning a pure white frock as usual. He asked me to exchange off the camera. So I switched it off. He asked us to sit in forepart of him. As I was sitting I observed the room. There was a book shelf with many books, to his right manus side. There was a pot to his left manus side, May imbibing H2O. The chief thing what I observed was there was many little paper functions in a little vas in forepart of him. Bhai asked us what we want to cognize. I said that I want to cognize about your community. Again he asked what u wants to cognize. Then I asked Shankar to inquire him the inquiries we planned before. Shankar started to inquire him like:

Could you tell a small about your background?

Rhenium: Well, my male parent, gramps, male parent ‘s gramps all were in the same field. I was surprised about the things go oning to the people who come to see them. The people come to them with their hurting and sorrow and returns place merrily. This attracted me to this and I decided to follow their footfalls.

What is your motive to make all these things?

Rhenium: I love people who are in troubles and wants to work out them do them happy.

Is there any heroic character in your community who does miracles or something?

Rhenium: We are non God to do miracles. We trust in God and he solves our job. Harmonizing to me my gramps is truly a hero. He had a particular accomplishment to work out the jobs of the trusters. Whoever comes to him returns merrily.

When Shankar was about to inquire following inquiry, a adult females came from inside room and said something to Bhai. Bhai said us that it ‘s adequate for today and allow ‘s go on some other twenty-four hours. I was truly sad that I was non able to inquire him about those little paper axial rotations and what ‘s he making to the people who come to him. When we came out we saw a adult male irrigating the garden. We planned to hit the staying inquiries to him. We asked him about it and he proudly accepted to reply whatever he knows. Here I started to inquire him:

Do you believe that Bhai can work out the human jobs?

Rhenium: Yes, certain he can work out.

Do you hold any experience?

Rhenium: Yes, one time my whole household was enduring from some or other deaths. We consulted many physicians. But, there was no usage. Then one twenty-four hours, one of my friend said that here there is a Bhai who can assist you. So I with my household came here. After that we all were cured in 15 yearss and boulder clay now we all are healthy.

Can you delight state me what did he make to you people?

Rhenium: First, when he saw us he asked us that, make you people believe that I can bring around you. I said, yes Bhai. He smiled and said me to come back tomorrow with 15 little home bases. Following twenty-four hours I bought 15 home bases and he wrote something in Urdu on all home bases and asked me to concentrate H2O in each day-to-day and drink. Then he took a little tubing like metal and placed a little paper axial rotation in that and closed it and asked me to bind in my cervix. Then he whispered something in my ear in Urdu. After 15 yearss everything was cured.

While returning from there we were happy that we got much information about Bhai. Our following mark was the lady in Thoothukudi. Unfortunately we were non able see the lady as that was non the visiting clip. She was in 50-55 age groups. She have two school traveling kids. The forte of this lady was, she predicts the past and hereafter of the people who comes to her. As we were non able to see her, we decided to inquire something about her with the nearby people. We fortunately got an old adult male and we started to inquire him:

From how many old ages are you remaining here?

Rhenium: I ‘m now 66 old ages old ; I came here when I was 13 old ages old. I ‘m here for last 50 old ages.

What do you cognize about the lady in that temple?

Rhenium: We call her Maariyamma. She predicts the hereafter and the yesteryear of the people who goes to her.

Why is she remaining in that temple?

Rheniums: Long before when all the things she predicts happened all started believing her and constructed that temple and made separate room for her to remain at that place. They named the temple as Sandhana Maariyamman kovil. Now hundreds of people come here to cognize their hereafter and to repair their nuptials and all.

After that we were non able to travel to the 3rd topographic point as it was acquiring excessively late and we besides got information that the temple will be opened merely on the following twenty-four hours afternoon. The name of that temple was Sudalai Andavar Kovil. Anyway we cancelled that plan and returned back place.

As I thought in the beginning, this field work was truly a thrilling experience. It truly gave me an experience of probe. The lone thing that makes me sad is that I was non able to see the 3rd topographic point. Anyway I ‘ve decided to do a docudrama about the ritual leaders.