Book Report About Oliver Twist English Literature Essay

Book Report About Oliver Twist English Literature Essay

The rubric of the book is really easy to explicate. It called Oliver Twist because it tells the life narrative of Oliver. Further reveals the rubric that the book goes about a certain individual called Oliver Twist. However a nexus from the rubric to the subject is difficult to happen in first base. After reading the book you can associate the rubric to the subject.


The book Oliver Twist was written in the Victorian period ( 1838 ) . The narrative took topographic point at the clip that their where a batch of societal jobs in England. ( nineteenth century ) The societal jobs are relevant for understanding the narrative. And his development of the secret plan. I give you underneath a few illustrations:

The features found in the book:

– In the book is a large difference between societal categories. The rich people are more of import and have more power than the hapless people. The high societal category looks down on the low category.

For illustration: when Nancy comes into Rose Maylies house, the people there are disgusted of Nancy and they do n’t swear her, because she ‘s hapless and foul. Besides, because Oliver Twist is an orphan and has no money, his hereafter is already determined. He has to populate in poorness and work in a workhouse and he ca n’t make things he likes. The society really determines everything.

– Work force are superior to adult females. Men believe adult females merely have a twosome of intents. Women ca n’t hold an sentiment. In the book, Nancy does everything the work forces say she has to make, she obeys them. The work forces look down upon adult females. So the hapless adult females are the most discriminated. There is a patriarchal society.

– An intrusive writer. Charles Dickens sometimes ‘talks ‘ to you in the book, tells a spot of the narrative and remarks.

– The scene is realistic and reflects feelings. In the hapless vicinity, there ‘s about ever rain and clay and soil but when Oliver Twist is with Rose Maylie, the Sun radiances and everything seems beautiful and right ( because he ‘s happy ) .


Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse. Oliver ‘s female parent died when she was giving birth to him so he became an orphan. Oliver spends the first nine old ages of his life in the orphanhood. In the orphanhood, they gave him the name Oliver Twist. One twenty-four hours Oliver is sent by Mr. Bumble ( a atrocious adult male ) to a casket shaper. There he besides was n’t treated good and so he ran off to London. In London he met Nancy, Fagin and Bill Sikes. Bill and Fagin wanted to do a condemnable out of Oliver. One twenty-four hours Oliver had to interrupt into a big house with Sikes. They got caught. Bill Sikes and his assistant had the opportunity to ran off. But Oliver who was shot got back to the big house. Rose Maylie took attention of him. Meanwhile, Nancy learned about Oliver ‘s yesteryear. She went to Mr. Brownlow ( a nice adult male who had taken attention of Oliver before ) and Rose to state them about Oliver ‘s history. It turned out that Oliver ‘s individuality was found. He had a stepbrother with the name Monks. He was a condemnable. Monks did n’t desire anyone to cognize that Oliver and He where stepbrothers, because otherwise he needed to portion the familial money. Meanwhile, Fagin found out that Nancy had helped Oliver and that she had told everything to Rose and Mr. Brownlow. For that Nancy got killed by her ain lover Bill Sikes. After killing Nancy Bill Sikes ran off. The remainder of the bad cats and Fagin got caught. Finally Oliver was adopted by Mr. Brownlow and they bought a house stopping point to Rose.

The Main Theme

I think the chief subject is the difference between societal categories. A batch of jobs with the society occurred back so and everything depended on the fact that you were rich or hapless.

Aim of Charles Dickens

This book was written as unfavorable judgment on the society. Dickens was a societal reformist. He shows this in his books, besides in Oliver Twist. I think he wanted to indicate out the jobs in the society and that the differences between societal categories were n’t right.


The narrative is told by Charles Dickens. He knows everything about Oliver?s making and believing. Charles besides remarks on certain state of affairss because he was a societal reformist. In Oliver Twist Charles uses the position of a kid to critics the Victorian period.

Important characters

The characters do n’t develop a batch on the whole.

– Oliver Turn: he is the chief character of the book. Oliver is ever good and honest and even though a batch of bad things happen to him, he stays like he ever has been, he ne’er steps to the ‘bad side ‘ . He merely obeys the work forces he ‘s working for, because he ‘s afraid of them and he does n’t cognize what to make, he ‘s merely a kid. He does n’t really develop a batch in the book.

Cipher believes he ‘s a good male child ( except for Mr. Brownlow and Rose ) but he tries to turn out so. ‘ He hoped he could make something to demo his gratitude. ‘

– Nancy: at first she seems like a strong independent adult female with her ain sentiment. It seems like she does n’t care about a thing but she really has a batch of feelings and does care about Oliver. That ‘s why she tries to salvage him from the bad cats by stating Rose the truth and she took her portion for Oliver. Nancy says, for Oliver, to Rise: ‘I am about to set my life and the lives of others in your manus. ‘

She does n’t desire to be a stealer but she ca n’t go forth Sikes and she thinks her life ca n’t be changed any longer.

– Rose Maylie: after Oliver got shooting, she took attention of him. She ‘s a nice immature lady and she ‘s non similar many other rich individuals ( in the book ) . She ever sees something good in person, that ‘s why they spare Oliver Twist. Rose said: ‘can you truly believe that this delicate male child can be the voluntary associate of the worst castawaies of society? ‘

Because of her aid, everyone discovers the truth about Oliver and that ‘s how it all turned out merely mulct.

– Monks: he is the stepbrother of Oliver. He is prepared to make anything merely to acquire the money, because money is everything. He is even prepared to kill his ain brother Oliver. This shows that in these times, money was power and power was everything.


There are really exciting pieces in the book. For illustration when Nancy got killed. Or when Oliver got kidnapped. The writer construct up the suspense by invariably uncovering new things about Oliver ‘s yesteryear. By making this you merely want to read faster and faster to cognize how the narrative of Oliver terminals.