Analyzing Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky English Literature Essay

Analyzing Crime And Punishment By Fyodor Dostoevsky English Literature Essay

After a sleepless dark, Raskolnikov already imagines that this is already the penalty. Around noon, he is handed a biddings by the amah and returns to the constabulary station. It turns out the landlady has reported him as a debitor. After catching a detective discuss the slayings, he faints. Once he wakes up, he gets questioned by Ilya Petrovich, a investigator. Afterwords, he heads place and catch the stolen goods and goes for a walk. He buries the points under a big rock. Later, Raskolnikov is invited to a house warming party where he meets Luhzin for the first clip. Raskolnikov thinks of Luhzin as “ grandiloquent and affected ” . The invitees discuss the slayings and Raskolnikov rapidly got annoyed, and left the room. The following twenty-four hours, Raskolnikov is experiencing better, starts to interrogate people on the streets. He meets a constabulary inspector and begins to badger him about the slayings. He leaves and while traversing a span, is disgusted by the sight of a suicide effort. He heads back to the pawnbroker ‘s house to merely be thrown out by some work forces reconstructing the topographic point. Out in the street, he notices a bibulous Marmeladov prevarication injured in the route. He takes the adult male to his house nearby and is shortly followed by Katarina and Sonya. But Marmeladov dies, even with their aid. Sonya ‘s sister thanks Raskolnikov for his aid.

Raskolnikov returns place to happen his female parent and sister were at that place waiting for him. He commands Dunya to interrupt off her battle. Razumikhin tries to acquire Raskolnikov ‘s female parent and sister to go forth him entirely, so they eventually leave.The following twenty-four hours, they head back to Raskolnikov ‘s topographic point. There, Zossimov greets them, and tells them that his status has improved. Raskolnikov pretends to be in a better temper, and apologizes to Zossimov and Razuhmikhin for his ungratefulness. He besides apologizes to his female parent and sister, and so confesses that he donated some money to Marmeladov that Luzhin gave him. Soon after, Raskolnikov became irritated and told Dunya non to get married Luhzin. He ‘s disquieted that Luhzin does n’t care about Dunya, but she has a program to uncover his true feelings for her. Sonya enters the room to ask for Raskolnikov to Marmeladov ‘s funeral, and is surprised by how hapless Raskolnikov is. His female parent and sister so go forth. He asks his friend if he should seek to acquire his valuable ticker back from the dead pawnbroker. Razumikhin says to speak to the magistrate in charge, so he plans to the following twenty-four hours. Raskolnikov and his friend so head out to Porfiry Petrovich ‘s house. As they enter, Raskolnikov feels uneasy because he sees Zamyotov and they already get down speaking about the slaying. Porfiry seems leery of him because he was the lone client of hers that did n’t come to roll up his points. Raskolnikov starts to recognize that Porfiry is playing heads games with him, so he heads towards the door. Razumikhin beleives that the constabulary are onto Raskolnikov. On the walk back place, they encounter a adult male who calls him a liquidator, so Raskolnikov briskly walks place. That dark, he has a dream about killing the pawnbroker, merely she ‘s non dying, she ‘s express joying. He wakes up to a alien in his room.

Part 4

The alien, Svidrigailov, has come to inquire Raskolnikov ‘s aid in his chase of Dunya, explicating he has merely the purest feelings for her. The alien can non bear to watch Dunya marry that atrocious individual. He wants to give her 10,000 rubles as an apology. He says his asleep married woman left 3,000 rubles for Dunya. Later Razumikhin and Raskolnikov go to a restarurant, where Razumikhin says that Porfiry and Zamyotov suspect Raskolnikov of the two slayings. Razumikhin thinks that it ‘s absurd. They meet Luzhin, Dunya and her female parent at the eating house. They talk about Svidrigailov ‘s reaching in St. Petersburg, and Raskolnikov reveals his offer of 10,000 rubles to Dunya. After an statement, Dunya orders Luzhin to go forth. Once he eventually left, the whole group was elated, Raskolnikov became dying once more. He asks them to go forth him entirely for a long, long clip, this is when Razumikhin realizes that he commited the offense. Raskolnikov goes to Sonya ‘s room, there she tells him that she ‘s disquieted that her step-mom may decease. She besides explains that she was friends with the murdered Lizaveta, she gave Sonya a cross and a bible. She reads a transition aloud to Raskolnikov, and he tells her that she ‘ll shortly cognize who killed her. In the following room Svidigailov eavesdrops in on the conversation. The following forenoon, Raskolnikov heads to the constabulary station to speak to Porfiry about his ownerships. They have a long conversation, in which he feels is a trap. Porfiry tries to be friendly and put him at easiness. Porfiry starts speaking about possible suspects to him, and he becomes angry and asks Porfiry if he ‘s surmising him or non. Suddenly, a captive under intuition for the slayings, explosions into the office and confesses to the offense. Raskolnikov is shown out of the office and is asked to come back to speak to Porfiry.

Partss 5-6

Part 5

Raskolnikov visits Sonya after the statement that got her household kicked out of the house. He tells her that he was the liquidator, but it was non because of his poorness, he wanted to go another Napolean. Sonya thinks that he should squeal his offense to the constabulary. At first, he did n’t desire to, but he shortly gives in. She so gives him a pendent cross to have on.

Part 6

After the confession to Sonya and the decease of her step-mother, Raskolnikov deliriously wandered the streets, hanging around bars. Razumikhin stops by to state him that his female parent feels heartbroken and abandonded. Raskolnikov tells him that Porfiry believes another suspect commited the offense. Razukimhin leaves, and shortly after, Porfiry arrives. Porfiry wanted to state him that he ‘s sorry for seeking to coerce a confession from him, but he still does n’t believe that the captive that confessed did the offense. Porfiry believes that Raskolnikov is the true liquidator, but does non hold adequate grounds against him. Alternatively he wants him to voluntarily squeal that he murdered the two people. Raskolnikov goes looking for Svidrigailov, after hedging him for awhile, Raskolnikov threatens to kill him if he uses his recent find to coerce his will upon Dunya. He talks about his life and his 15 rear old married woman, which Raskolnikov finds it gross outing and walks off. Later, Svidrigailov tells him how he ‘ll coerce Dunya to get married him by utilizing his secret against his household. But after a short interaction with Dunya, he realizes that she ‘ll ne’er love him. Svidrigailov visits Sonya in the eventide, offering her a 3,000 ruble bond. After holding a dream about a 5 twelvemonth old, he took a six-gun, walked up to a soldier and told him that if anybody asks, he went to America. Raskolnikov contemplates suicide, but Sonya still urges him to squeal. He takes the cross from Sonya and makes his journey across town to the constabulary station. Along the manner he observes every item of the metropolis. He has a talk with Ilya, who mentions that Svidrigailov commited suicide. He so turns about, merely to happen Sonya right behind him, so so he turns right back around and confesses to Ilya.

What I got out of the book, is that it ‘s better to state the truth than it is to maintain it bottled up inside of you. It makes you feel like a bad individual when you lie, that ‘s why confessing is the manner to travel. A manner this book relates to today ‘s universe, is with day-to-day interactions with people. Peoples ca n’t assist themselves from lying even though it ‘s a bad thing.