A Look At Macbeth English Literature Essay

A Look At Macbeth English Literature Essay

Macbeth asks the inquiry of whether destiny or free will is responsible for where a adult male ends up in life. Shakespeare makes the reader determine what it is that causes a psychotic war hero to perpetrate evil Acts of the Apostless and live the manner he does. It seems that outside forces such as destiny or destiny control Macbeth ‘s actions. With one anticipation, the enchantresss declare that Macbeth will be male monarch, which is a prognostication that is finally fulfilled. It seems Shakespeare tries to do it definite that Macbeth has full cognition of what he is making before taking action, which suggests that he entirely controls his fate.

Although the enchantresss tell him his fate, he makes many different state of affairss to acquire him to that topographic point. He would non hold done anything if the enchantresss had non told him suggested his fate. At the same clip, he would non hold gotten where the enchantresss said he would be if he did non mettle with destiny. They interfered with his life merely like a concatenation reaction. They sort of show how everything happens for a ground, sing without their input, Macbeth most probably would non hold gone on to make many of the things he had done. It ‘s about like in a film when person goes back in clip ; they talk about how non to interfere with anything of import, because every small action could alter the hereafter. It ‘s the same instance in this state of affairs with the enchantresss. The enchantresss introduce Macbeths ‘ destiny. When they say, “ Fair is disgusting, and foul is just, Hover through the fog and foul air, ” ( I iii 10 ) , they are boding and allowing the audience know something no 1 else does: that something immorality is about to happen. It besides shows that what is evil to the enchantresss is good to Macbeth, and what is evil to Macbeth is good to the enchantresss. When the enchantresss greet Macbeth, they address him as “ Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, that shalt be King afterlife ” ( Act I iii ) . He knows that he became Thane of Cawdor and Glamis and because of this announcement he figures that it is his fate to go King. The three enchantresss merely suggest his fate, but because he has seen the old bend of events brought on by his actions, he is determined to kill to go King. Macbeth ‘s end was non to go male monarch until the enchantresss made him believe it was his destiny.

The enchantresss announce Macbeth ‘s fate from the start, but fate is non something that can be changed. A individual should non hold control over their fate. One manner of looking at it is that Macbeth ‘s fate was “ suggested ” by the enchantresss. He listened to their “ suggestions ” and followed them. Macbeth unluckily has a small backwards and unlogical mentality. He instantly after hearing the enchantresss ‘ prognostication, declares that “ If opportunity will hold me king, why, opportunity may coronate me without my splash ” ( I iii ) . He clearly states that if he is destined to be male monarch, so he will merely allow it all go on, and he will non interfere. We shortly find out that this is evidently non the instance. He invariably makes determinations on his ain to change his way and thinks that he has to kill the current male monarch to of all time be king himself. When Macbeth finds the enchantresss once more they alert him “ Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth! Beware Macduff. Beware the Thane of Fife ” ( IV- 1- 71-73 ) . As a consequence of the enchantresss ‘ warning, Macbeth has liquidators sent to Macduff ‘s palace to butcher his married woman and kids. The enchantresss warned Macbeth of Macduff, nevertheless Macbeth did non hold to move on his intuition, particularly since the enchantresss had no existent cognition of Macduff going male monarch.

Although the enchantresss announce that he will be king, they do n’t state him anything else specific to it. They do n’t state him how, when, or why. Macbeth make up one’s minding to kill Duncan is all from his ain caput. Their words were for Macbeth to construe. Macbeth did non hold to follow his aspiration ; he could hold stopped at any minute and allow “ destine Crown him ” as he antecedently stated. Continuously Macbeth becomes obsessed with what the enchantresss have said is his destiny. Macbeth once more becomes obsessed with anyone who threatens his throne and in conclusion decides to hold Banquo and his boies killed. The enchantresss tell him that the line of male monarchs will go on to Banquo ‘s household and this drives him to seek to alter destiny. The enchantresss did non truly mislead Macbeth ; they merely put an thought into his caput, and left him to make up one’s mind what action to take.

Macbeth is non controlled by destiny ; he chooses to kill all the people he does, and he lets the things the enchantresss say acquire to him. Macbeth controlled his life when he did non desire to kill his male monarch. The twenty-four hours after he was be aftering to kill the male monarch and negotiations with Banquo, he starts hallucinating. He sees a mark of “ a sticker which I see before me, The grip toward my manus? As this which now I draw… And such instrument I was to utilize ” ( Macbeth II I ) . Macbeth thinks that the sticker ‘s grip was turned toward him stating that it ‘s his fate to kill the male monarch. To add on, the knife has blood on it the following clip it appears as if to state that destiny had already killed the male monarch for him.

If the enchantresss had non met Macbeth, he would non hold become male monarch. His compulsion grew when they predicted he would go male monarch. If Macbeth had ne’er crossed the enchantresss ‘ way, he would still be the Thane of Cawdor. One might state that he was non responsible for his ain ruin. However, the point of a individual doing wise determinations is taking duty for their ain actions or else one could fault every bad pick on something else or person else who caused it. No 1 can travel through life stating they are non where they want to be because of others. If Macbeth had ne’er heard the enchantresss ‘ prognostications, he would hold lived a long and happy life. Although, he could hold lived a happy life every bit good if he would hold used his encephalon and common sense and non made such hapless determinations.