A Character Analysis Of Hamlet English Literature Essay

A Character Analysis Of Hamlet English Literature Essay

“ Hamlet ” is a tragic Shakespearean drama based on the narrative of Hamlet the prince of Denmark. It is a narrative of a immature prince who comes to detect that his uncle killed his male parent, the male monarch at the clip, to take over the throne. He hence decides to take it in his pace to revenge his male parent ‘s decease.

From Shakespeare ‘s drama, Hamlet ‘s character is clearly defined. The most of import trait of all, nevertheless, was his brave and make bolding attitude. His unafraid nature has on several occasions been pointed out. First is when the shade pays them ( Hamlet, Marcellus and Horatio ) a visit. At this instant Hamlet is on class, determined to run into with the shade.

“ If it assumes my baronial male parent ‘s individual,

I ‘ll talk to it, though hell itself should goggle

And offer me keep my peace. ”

Even though it could be an evil devil alternatively of his male parent ‘s spirit, Hamlet is determined to talk to it without vacillation.

Another case of his courage is highlighted when he sees the shade. He is neither afraid to talk to the shade nor follow it even though is good friend Horatio is inquiring him otherwise. He enquires as to why Horatio does non O.K. of his traveling inquiring what there is to be afraid of.

Hamlet. It will non talk. Then I will follow it.

Horatio. Do non, my Godhead!

Hamlet. Why, what should be the fright?

Another illustration that shows Hamlet ‘s dare personality is when he organizes for the performing artists to play “ The Murder of Gonzago ” in order to find for certain if the male monarch is guilty of killing his male parent. He pans to utilize the drama to prove the strength of the male monarch ‘s scruples. He figures if the male monarch shows marks of jitteriness or awkward gestures so automatically he is guilty and therefore he would follow his class from at that place.

Hamlet besides has a really emotional psyche. The decease of his male parent came as a daze to him and acquiring over it was really hard for him. Claudius, the present male monarch, references that Hamlet was mourning his male parent excessively much and went on to state that as we see in Shakespeare ‘s drama.

“ To give these mourning responsibilities to your male parent ;

But you must cognize, your male parent lost a male parent ;

That male parent lost his, and the subsister edge

In filial duty for some term

To make bootlicking sorrow. ”

Claudius is comforting Hamlet indicating out that decease is a natural phenomenon and that it happens to every one including Hamlet ‘s gramps. He is stating him that he taking his male parent ‘s bereavement to extremes.

Another illustration of an incident that portrays Hamlet ‘s emotional nature is when he is reminiscing of his male parent ‘s decease. He says,

“ … How stand I so, /that have father killed, a female parent

Stained… ”

He is inquiring and cussing himself for leting his male parent to be killed and allowing his female parent acquire married in hastiness, after the decease of his male parent, to his uncle. This is an illustration of him feel foring and taking it out on himself.

Another case of his emotions taking the better of him is on his first and first monologue. He is stating that his female parent got married really rapidly and that she did non hold clip to mourn the decease of his male parent.

“ … She married.

O, most wicked velocity, to post with such sleight to

incestuous sheets!

It is non, nor it can non come to good.

But interrupt my bosom, for I must keep my lingua ”

He condemns the matrimony stating that it could come to nil good whatsoever. The integrity between Claudius and Getrude is incorrect harmonizing to him. He would so much want to demo what he genuinely feels to his other but choruss because he knows it would ache her severely, even though he knows her actions are incorrect. In so making he expresses his love for his female parent in a deep manner.

Hamlet is besides really violent and has a bad pique. This is shown when his meeting and Ophelia does non travel as planned. He is disquieted with her dissing her at his pleasance. He tells Ophelia that she names thins the manner she likes and afterwards Acts of the Apostless like her credence is ignorance. He insists that he can non take that any more and that has made him really angry.

“ … You jig, you amble, and you lisp ; you nickname God ‘s

animals and do your abandon your ignorance. Travel to,

I ‘ll no more o n’t! it hath made me huffy… “

He expresses his choler and violent pique once more shortly after killing Polonius so shouts at his female parent.

“ Here is your hubby, like a mildewed ear

Blasting his wholesome brother.

Have you eyes? Could you on this just mountain leave to


And secure on this Moor?

Hour angle! have you eyes? ”

He tells his female parent that her new hubby, Claudius, is non every bit good as his, Hamlet ‘s, biological male parent. He asks her why she ca n’t see that she is making the incorrect thing go forthing his male parent at his decease and running of to get married Claudius.