A Case Background Of Mr Wong English Literature Essay

A Case Background Of Mr Wong English Literature Essay

Mr Wong is 71 twelvemonth old. He and his married woman was the member of the senior academy. His married woman suffered from bosom disease and high force per unit area in blood. On 22nd December, Mr Wong phoned to the worker for inform his married woman dead forenoon. He was seemingly really cool. He besides expressed that he had been contacted the company which is funeral and interment and he wanted to call off the rank. The worker tried to utilize sorrowing reding in this instance.

Knock the appraisal of the Case Five

The worker demand to hold ability to specify the province of the client in the phase of sorrowing

In the Grief Counseling, the proper appraisal of Mr Wong province is the of import work. As this instance, the client normally name his married woman ‘s name as “ she ” instead that full name, this action may non be a denial reaction. I think that this behaviour may non be a denial. It is because everyone has his behaviour form, linguistic communication form constructed by norm, civilization and value. So, name his married woman name as “ she ” may be habit naming in simple. If the client refused to manage his married woman ‘s funeral ceremonial and do non acknowledge his married woman dead. This reaction should be rating in denial phase.

The appraisal has non adequate gender position analyze the instance

This presentation group analyze the instance by the stress graduated table of Holmes and Rahe and the phase of sorrowing. The chief ground is that Mr Wong all of a sudden losingss the married woman and cause him have irrational emotion reaction. So, the worker manage this instance through doing him to finish the procedure of sorrowing. The client can reinvest his future life. But in this appraisal, the client can non pass through his grieving because of his male function. The underlying job seems to be based on the function of male and traditional outlook of male. But this appraisal seems to seldom associate the client function suffered. It is because the function ‘s outlook caused him hard to show emotion. So, this appraisal should seek to assist the client deconstruct his function, it assists him experience easy to show his emotion. The worker believe that whenever makes more afford to assist the client acknowledge the fact of his married woman ‘s dead and pass through his grieving, the worker should manage his function suffered which cause deformation of express his sorrowing emotion. He can finish his grieving.

Mr Wong what ground to stamp down his emotion? Harmonizing to Foucault ( 1991 ) , he said that Penopticon like as a metaphor for societal control. It makes people carry through the societal outlook and do the right things through penalty, surveillance and support under unseeable. This explains that the gender function was constructed by norm and traditional civilization through the societal control and outlook. In the past tradition, if the male child is shouting, the grownup normally use slogan as the male child shed blood, non shed tear to command his behaviour. It lets him cognize how to make a right thing and cognize the image of male. Through some establishment as school, rearing etc, these construct the image of male. The image of male is strong, cool, emotion stable, these images construct the client populating attitude and his perceptual experience. So, when he loses his married woman, he seemingly cool and his emotion as if nil had happened. These tradition values impact his theodolite his grieving and do other unhealthy effect. So, the procedure of guidance should assist the client pull off his function suffered.

On the other custodies, the Messner ( 1997 ) showed three chief point in maleness, severally institutionalised privilege, cost of maleness and differences and inequalities among work forces. Each portion presents different inclination. As this instance, the client suppresses his emotion. These state of affairss relate the cost of maleness. Harmonizing Messner ( 1997 ) , cost of maleness is non tendency to profit to adult male all. The adult male is suffered in their function. The inclination indicated that traditional function stereotype and societal outlook construct the force per unit area of the adult male. Patriarchal society besides constructs the image of adult male and outlook. Some of all make work forces to disfavor impregnation. In this hypothesis, Mr Wong is controlled by this traditional value and civilization. He is non proper to show his emotion and he takes into history the image of adult male. So, he apparent to be cool in the conversation to the worker in the integral contact after his married woman ‘s dead.

Narrative therapy is a suited therapy for Mr Wong

The narrative therapy was affect by post-modernism thought as societal building. Social building believes that there is no nonsubjective societal world. We live in constructed universe. We are constructed by societal procedures, and most significantly, through our interactions with others.

Harmonizing to Michael Foucault ( 1979 ) , he said that non merely are we subjugated by others via dominant discourses, we besides end up repressing ourselves through what he called society ‘s “ normalizing judgement ” and its of all time present appraising “ regard ” such as surveillance. It disciplines which provide “ generalised surveillance. The mechanisms of subject are the gradual extension throughout the whole societal organic structure. Harmonizing to Michael Foucault ( 1980 ) , power is of import to the building of world, linguistic communication, significances and rites of truth. Power maps in all cognition and in every definition. Power is knowledge and knowledge creates truth and hence power. Its thought that the people experience themselves and their state of affairs is constructed through culturally mediated societal interactions. Through narrative and linguistic communication, civilizations send powerful messages to their members about the significance of of import constructs that sustain the civilization, including gender, race, category, and, of class, wellness.

Based on above these theory, the narrative therapy believe that some significance is made and constructed on the footing of personal beliefs about wellness and unwellness that are strongly influenced by cultural norms and criterions. Mr Wong was suffered in sphere narrative. He plays as a traditional male function. He does non rupture in others. He besides need to chill and systematic to manage his married woman ‘s funeral ceremonial. It is because he was constructed by sphere narrative and value. Besides, he avoids and seldom to speak about his emotion after his married woman ‘s dead. It is seemingly base on his function. So, narrative thoughts offer a utile model to assist the client entree this procedure of intending building and, in instances of dysfunctional significance, work to alter it.

How to use narrative therapy to this instance

The basic premise of narrative is non-blaming attack. In the procedure, the worker listen the narrative of Mr Wong without faulting. It is because the worker believes that the client as an adept lead their lives. Harmonizing to Michael White, the people is non the job, the job is the job. Problem is separated from people. Furthermore, people have many accomplishments, competences and attitudes to assist them alter relationship with jobs in their lives. The client and the worker should hold wonder and a willingness to inquire inquiries to which the replies are non evidently known. There are many possible waies that any curative conversation can take. Finally, the worker believes that the client is the cardinal individual as a important portion to finding way that is taken.

Harmonizing to Payne ( 2006 ) , there are phases in the curative procedure. First, the worker invites Mr Wong to state his narrative which he feels easy and of import, which includes an history of the job. The worker besides should clear up and widen inquiry, including effects of the job on the client ‘s life. If Mr Wong says that his narrative is around his married woman. The worker may be inquiring the inquiry such as his married woman was dead, what consequence of Mr Wong. From the position of Mr Wong, he wants to state anything including emotion, populating etc. It dependents the client privation to state what of. When Mr Wong can state his narrative which perplexes him, he feels unhappy and unresolved. The worker can seek to utilize appellative technique to divide his job from him. It is external instead than internal or within the client. It is besides easy to assist the client projecting the job and acknowledge that it is holding an consequence on his life including societal, cultural and political issues are considered. It is may be the client stamp downing himself for any these external, discourse and frequently power-based issues. Furthermore, the worker asks comparative influence oppugning. The client is asked to see the consequence he has on the life of the job. Besides, the worker can research and spread out an alternate narrative and marginalized narration. These are the client has overcome the job ‘s influence. The worker enriches the alone result which establishes a thicken description of the state of affairs in which the client has overcome the job. Finally, when the alone result is found, the worker can ask for the client to take the place on the job. The client can re-choose his pick. He can take to stay in the bing state of affairs and narrative or take into history the narration that the worker has promote him to state alternate narrative. The worker besides go oning therapy to stating and re-telling the narrative for aid the client concept his desirable narrative.

The advantage of narrative therapy in Mr Wong

The narrative therapy is that Mr Wong leads the guidance way and narrative content. So, the client feels easy to speak his desirable narrative even though Mr Wong has more immune in his married woman ‘s dead. In the first phase of reding procedure, the worker is easy to set up the relationship with the client and resonance edifice.

Furthermore, in the guidance procedure, the client was respected all clip. The relationship between the worker and the client is collaborative and travel together. The relationship is equal. The client does non experience the authorization and force per unit area of the worker. Based on the worker is non judgment to the client, the client is willing to speak his narrative easy.

Besides, Mr Wong is suffered from his married woman ‘s dead. Meaningless, hopeless and helpless are in the client ‘s bosom. He is besides deficiency of significance in life. The narrative therapy accent on the problem-saturated narrative deconstructed and assist the client retrace the new and meaningful narrative. This therapy can has powerful outcome in managing his grieving.


Loss of household member is really lurid and bereaved thing. Everyone must to travel through this experience. It is inevitable. Harmonizing to Hospicehome in Hong Kong ( a?§e?? ) , life and dead instruction is applied for instruction in public. The end is that let public can cognize the comparative the subject of life and dead. It helps the populace to reflect the meaningful and value of the life. Let the populace can prize their ownership. It besides teaches the populace can positive perceptive to see the life in every twenty-four hours. Otherwise, when the people face the terminal of life, still experience to hold no attentions ( c„?c‰?c„??Z› ) and absolutely to finish the life. This is a bar services and a new way in sorrowing guidance. It ideas can cut down the grieving harmful.

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