Yeast distiller Essay

Yeast distiller Essay

The Affects of Different Yeast on the Rate of Fermentation

– AIM: To see how different yeast affect and influence the rate of fermentation, how much alcohol is being produced and how this affects the overall quality of wine produced. BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Alcohol, is mostly thought of as ethanol which is the alcohol which is found in alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer. But there are many different varieties of alcohol such as methanol, propanol and butanol. In chemistry terms “alcohol” is a compound of a hydroxyl group which is covalently bonded to a carbon chain which can be seen in figure 1….  

The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Respiration in Yeast

– The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Respiration in Yeast I have chosen to investigate the affect temperature has on the rate of respiration in yeast. I will use an experiment to determine whether the yeast’s rate of respiration will be quicker, slower or if it does not change when the temperature is varied. Scientific Knowledge The first thing to say about enzymes is that they are proteins and they are found in all types of organisms from humans to viruses…. ;

Immobilized Enzymes (Yeast)

– Immobilized Enzymes (Yeast) Abstract Catalase is an enzyme found in living cells and is used to break down peroxides. Yeast cells, which contain catalase, are used to catalyse the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide solution into water and oxygen gas. The yeast cells were immobilized in sodium alginate beads in this experiment. Immobilized enzymes are widely used in biotechnology processes. They can be reused and is more stable at extremes of temperature and pH, thus improves the economy of the process…. ;

Bio fuels of Yeast fermentation

– Introduction Biofuels are an importance source of fuel due to the cause that they are infinite and can be found easily compared to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are finite, hard to find and are not cost-effective as biofuels are. Another good thing about biofuels is that don’t contribute to global warming as much as fossil fuels do. Biofuels are mainly used for as a source of energy and sustainable transport. The ways that these biofuels are produces is that fact they convert living organism’s derivatives into biomass and use it as a fuel source (European Environment Agency, 2011)…. ;

Home Remedies for Yeast Allergy

– Home Remedies for Yeast Allergy The prime use of yeast is to ferment food items. Some food items that contain yeast include bread, cheese, wine, beer, cheese, vinegar, mushrooms, and dried fruits. Yeast belongs to the fungi family and is a microorganism that is found in the body and many food items that we eat everyday. Yeast is not harmful when taken in smaller amount and does not cause any kind of imbalance. When the amount of yeast in the body increases, the body may develop some allergic symptoms…. ;