Woodcarver Essay

Woodcarver Essay

Analyzing the Poem, The Woodcarver, and How it Relates to Teaching

– I have entered into the field of education with full knowledge that it can be very challenging but it is my venture to make it gratifying for both my students and myself. A crucial point of “The Woodcarver” is the ability to focus. Once the woodcarver was finished with his work, all credits were taken from him and given to higher powers. Similarly, once I am able to bring the task at hand to the central point of my concentration, then I am bond to astonish many, including myself. I particularly gain wisdom from the fact that “The woodcarver” guarded his spirit and did not expend it on trifles that were not to the point….  

The Creator of Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park

– The Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park is one of the world’s largest sculptural and engineering projects. In 1923, a historian named Doane Robinson came up with the original idea for Mount Rushmore as a way of attracting tourists. Sculptor-designer John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum (1867–1941) was contracted in 1927 to carve the solid-granite memorial. Borglum conceived the model figures, brought them to life within the mountain’s stone, and directed 400 artisans until his death in 1941. Later that year, his son Lincoln finished the project, which had spanned 14 years (6.5 years of actual carving and 8.5 years of delays due to lack of money and bad weather) at a cost of $1 million Every mo…  

Christians children’s story

– Children are loved beyond measure by God, who created them. This is the lesson this book teaches. The author, Max Lucado wrote in the dedication, “God couldn’t love you more than he already does.” This is the lesson of the whole story. The genre of this book is Christian children’s story. I often read stories like this in Sunday school and in my early years attending a private elementary school. In my opinion, this book is appropriate for children aged 4-7, but can be encouraging to children of all ages…. ;

Brave New World

– Pardon the hyperbole, but I wonder if we can’t trace a goodly portion of the decline of Western culture in just the drop-off from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio to Steven Spielberg’s A. I.: Artificial Intelligence. Despite the surface similarities between these tales of a wooden boy on the one hand and a robot boy on the other, both of whom hope to become real, and despite Mr. Spielberg’s quite conscious attempt to implicate Pinocchio in his film, it is really the differences between the two that are instructive…. ;

Pwani: The Perfect Holiday Getway in Kenya

– … Taking the Likoni ferry is one short distance but full of life both under the ferry and around the ferry. You get to see the ocean and feel the hot humid breeze as you cross to the mainland. North Coast This is where you will find areas named; Kongowea, Nyali and Bamburi. These are the common areas at the north coast. Other places include; Shanzu, Mkomani, Bombolulu, Kisauni and across the Mtwapa creek. The prime areas in North coast are Nyali and Kisingo, these is where you will find the up-market residential properties…. ;