Wood fuel pelletiser Essay

Wood fuel pelletiser Essay

The Availability of Fuel Wood in Africa

– The Availability of Fuel Wood in Africa Throughout Africa there is various regional variations of fuel wood availability. In the chart shown for this essay, it breaks up Africa into 4 different areas of fuel wood amounts. Mostly on the northern area of Africa there is few natural fuel wood resources. And also near the southern areas of Africa there is Fuel wood scarcity because of other little deserts. In the northern region of Africa there is the Sahara desert. This is why there are very few natural fuel wood resources located there….  

American Timber: In-Depth Approach Toward Wood Derivative Markets and Deforestation Legislation

– … The demand for timber lead to a few of America’s first patents for improvements in a sawmill as well as twenty-three patents for nail making machinery. Such exploits in reducing the cost of building supplies led to reducing the cost of building and advancing building techniques. The abundance of timber boosted the colonial growth of America and a closer inspection of the prices of derivative markets may lead to fascinating efficiencies of modern deforestation legislation noting the differences with clear-cutting…. ;

The Production and Consumption of Ethanol as Fuel

– … Brazil has the largest market of biofuel using sugarcane as raw material, making this biofuel a import renewable fuel with cost-competitive to replace the petroleum fuel for transport. Producing almost the same amount in 2005, Brazil use less than half of the area to cultivate the crop to produce ethanol than United States, wich use mainly corn as raw material to ethanol production. One ton of sugarcane can produce about eighty liters of ethanol, and one ha (~2.47 acres) produces eighty five tons on average in the state of Sao Paulo (largest state producer of sugarcane in Brazil)…. ;

Self-Sustaining Fuel

– Self-Sustaining Fuel With the demand for oil rising, the price of gas continues to rise to astronomical levels. With oil levels all over the world falling, companies have been looking to alternative sources of fuel and energy for cars. Different forms of fuel have been emerging from many places. Scientists and Engineers have found alternative fuels in the form of alcohol, electricity, natural gas, bio-diesel, and a combination of gas and one of the other three. This never ending search for new and better fuel sources has opened up a new field and automakers are adapting to it as it comes…. ;

The Amount of Time Needed to Burn Different Types of Wood

– Review of Literature Fire has been around for many years. As the years passed, we have thought of and invented many things that create and maintain fires for hours and hours. We take having fire instantly for granted. But what if we didn’t have a gas stove or gas grill anymore. We would have to use wood. People have been using wood for years, but do you know which kind of wood to use so that your fire burns for the longest amount of time possible or for the shortest amount of time. Fire is chemical reaction between oxygen and a type of fuel…. ;