Wine fermenter Essay

Wine fermenter Essay

Wine and the French Revolution

– … Wine resembles the differences between regions and their national pride (“France”). Not only does the region reflect their heritage but it also helps determine the name of the wine itself, as does the vineyard they are grown in (“French Wines”). Most vineyards are very large. They typically cover a good portion of the land, with the exception of the buildings that it is made in. Although France is known at the mother country as a whole, there are still some regions that are more productive and successful at making and distributing wine….  

Factors that Determine the Quality of Wine

– … Grape vines begin growing at 50 degrees Fahrenheit and begin flowering at 63 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit; however upwards of 85 percent of a grape vine’s flowers never set (MacNeil, 2001). As temperatures reach the mid-eighties, vines will flourish. Microclimates (also called apellations) determine how well a vineyard will thrive. Microclimate factors include: proximity of oceans or bays; hills and mountains which can block cold winds, and force clouds to rain causing the opposite side of the hill or mountain to require irrigation; the slope, orientation, and altitude of the vineyard; winds, cloudiness, and precipitation; and sunlight….  

Dionysus: The God of Wine and Fertility

– Dionysus is the god of wine and fertility. Dionysus invented wine on Mount Nyssa. His Roman counterpart is Bacchus. Dionysus’s symbols are Thyrsos, which are ivory leaves wrapped around a wooden stick, the flute, and wine barrels. The animals that represent him are the panther and the tiger. Dionysus is the son of Zeus and Semele. Dionysus was stitched into Zeus’s thigh after his mother, Semele, asked to see Zeus’s true form and was killed. Dionysus grew in Zeus’s thigh. Dionysus is the only god with a mortal parent….  

Australian Wine

– Wine it is a fundamental component of many Australian’s day to day life, being closely related with both business and pleasure. Whether it be a quiet drink on a Friday night to a career in wine manufacturing, wine affects the lives of many daily. Not only does wine affect the individuals of Australia, it forms a lucrative industry, employing 28000 people in both winemaking and grape growing (2006 Census of Australia), with Australia being ranked consistently as one of the top ten wine producers in the world….  

Wine Collecting

– If you are an avowed noncollector who never has more than one-or-two month supply of wine on hand, you do not need to worry about how your wines are stored. You can keep your bottles lying down on the rack in the den or the dining room or any other room, as long as they are not right next to the radiator or in direct sunlight. Even if they are standing upright, they will survive for a few months. If you have decided to collect a few bottles, however – or if you discover that a wine collection is happening to you – please take heed….