Wheelchair repairer Essay

Wheelchair repairer Essay

Automotive Body Repairer

– Automotive Body Repairer Auto body repairers Are highly skilled craftspeople who repair damaged automobile and truck bodies, restores body metal to the original contours, and replaces non-repairable body parts. I chose automotive body repairer for my report because I like to deal with cars and I enjoy performing hands-on activities. I like the hands-on and mechanical operation of this career. Automotive body repairer is in the Industrial and Engineering Iowa pathway. The National Employment and Outlook of this career is currently stable….  

My Brief Time in a Wheelchair

– My Brief Time in a Wheelchair Why didn’t she smile at me. Why did he avoid eye contact with me. I smiled, I said hello. Ah, yes. The wheelchair. For a split second, I forgot that I was sitting in a wheelchair as the young couple scurried by me. It seemed so natural for me to smile and greet someone as they pass, and it hurt that a similar greeting was not returned. This was not the only hurtful reaction I received as I learned to operate a wheelchair around a K-Mart. And, it was not easy to maneuver myself around the store….  

Using Computers and Sensors to Create a Smart-Wheelchair

– … Since its invention, sensors, there been many applications for sensor some of which include military applications, deep sea and space explorations and the list go on. As technology is rapidly evolving and forever expand, the use of sensor in personal, military and commercial devices will become increasingly important. Through the use of sensor, we now have security systems that are able to detect any intrusion whether it be break through a window or sneaking around someone elses house, We have smart phone that are capable of reading your heart rate through touch and the list go on and on….  


– The Technological Environment Invacare Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of non-acute health care products. The company designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive line of health care products for the non-acute care environment, including the home health care, retail and extended care markets. Invacare continuously revises and expands its product lines to meet changing market demands and currently offers over 25,000 home health care and medical equipment provider locations throughout the world….  

Research Study on a Disabled Person

– … (4) Batteries to supply the desired power to the motors. (5) A smartphone and its microphone serving as an input device for speech commands. (6) Sensors for obstacle avoidance. (7) Relay is used to drive the motor in both forward and backward direction. (8) Bluetooth module to allow communication between the mechanical chair and the smart phone (9) Joystick is used for the manual navigation of the wheelchair. Physical Architecture of the Wheelchair The brain of the system of the wheelchair is the ATmega328 which has 28 I/O pins and has high performance, high endurance non-volatile memory segments….