Water protection or land reclamation engineer Essay

Water protection or land reclamation engineer Essay

Remote Sensing, Land Use, Land Cover

– INTRODUCTION Remote sensing can be applied to many fields like plant sciences, Earth sciences, hydrospheric sciences, and observing land use/land cover. In deciding which of the four fields that is the most pivotal, when they are all somewhat equal in their necessity of understanding, it would have to be the observation of land use and land cover. Aside from the weather being one of the most desirable items for remote sensors and people to observe, it it more fitting to observe human activity and the land under domain….  

Land Use Planning in the Netherlands and the United States

– What can land use planners and decision-makers in the United States learn from planning practices in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has accepted comprehensive land use planning as a standard practice and integrates all levels of municipalities and communities in decision-making. However, in many municipalities in the United States, there are still difficulties in obtaining community action, control, and understanding of the existing plans and proposed policies. The Netherlands and the United States have similar challenges in land use planning….  

Environmental Assessment Act in the Alberta Oil Sands

– The supreme court of Canada has agreed that “The growth of modern societies has shown serious problems that can result from anarchic development and use of land, in particular those problems concerning public health and the environment.1” How can we maintain economic growth without major environmental consequences. In 1992, the Canadian Federal government enacted the Environmental Impact Assessment Act as a planning tool in attempts to identify and alleviate the environmental impact of new developments….  

Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant

– … The finer screens are used to capture plastics that come into the system. Secondary treatment removes dissolved material and biological matter that is suspended between the top and bottom of the tank. Secondary treatment involves the use of microorganisms that breakdown contaminants in a managed and controlled habitat. This process generally involves an aeration tank that uses types of powered carbon that doesn’t kill the microorganisms. These aeration tanks use oxygen and microbial action in surface-aerated lagoon tanks, to ultimately achieve 80-90 percent of BOD….  

Protection, Reintegration, And Resettlement Of IDPs

– Short description The IDP project in Bosasso, Punt land Somalia, was established in 2007 by UN and With aim of improving human security and living standards and providing durable solutions with reintegration and resettlement of IDPs [ ] and returnees in Bosaso, Somalia. (UN2008) The project was very strategic and contextual; and it tried to find basic problems in the area and creates a solution based on the existing opportunities and with limited financial funds gained from NGOs. The goals of the project were to create better ways to protect temporary and permanent settlements from violence; to create improved living condition that gives access to basic services (including infrastructure…