Visual arts teacher Essay

Visual arts teacher Essay

Rationale for Integrating the Arts

– Integrating the arts across the curriculum is an innovative, yet effective educational process by which students learn through the arts. The program’s intent is not to necessarily teach the arts, but to use them within the regular curricula. The activities use art as the catalyst to make learning meaningful and motivating. Students learn best when they are actively learning. The arts provide opportunities in which students are actively involved in learning. Students are more likely to retain knowledge and information when they are involved in the learning process…. ;

The Life of Josef Albers

– … Josef taught various art classes and developed his own techniques as a figurative artist studying printmaking, stain glass, furniture as well as writing. In 1949 Josef and Anni was invited to the United States. Josef was asked to design the visual arts center of Black Mountain College in North Carolina. In 1950 he became chairman of the department of design at Yale University School of Art. Here he released, Homage to the Square, a 20th century modern art collection made up of geometrical paintings expressing “character and feelings” through color…. ;

Arts Integration and Student Achievement

– Chapter Two: The Literature Review Introduction The arts is not a new idea in the field of education. For the purposes of this paper, the sources used have found methods in which the integration of the Arts have benefited their students through increased comprehension of the material, student responsiveness, as well as student satisfaction with their class(to make your paper concrete, give a list of them here AuthorA, 2004; AuthorB, 2010, AuthorC, 2009 ). In this literature review, the Researcher will be answering the questions that were posed in the Introductory Chapter as well as examine current studies on the topic of inclusion of the Arts in schools…. ;

Encompassing the Arts Across the Grades

– Title: Encompassing the Arts Across the Grades Subject/Content Areas: Language Arts, Visual Art, & Music Grade Levels: 2nd, 5th, & 8th Project Time Line: Projection of amount of time needed includes one to two weeks for four 2nd grade classes to create and to upload their drawings on, three weeks, (M-F 45 min. /day), for 5th graders to complete the entire process of writing and publishing their poetry, and two weeks for 8th grade students to compose and publish their music to complement the drawing and its poetry using VoiceThread…. ;

Student Development in Theatre Arts

– Art is the creation of beautiful things. Whether it be music, painting, drawing or acting, all aspects provoke aesthetically pleasing masterpieces. To be artistic is the ability to illustrate a natural creative skill. Now, a person who is able to exhibit such fine work is an artist. Practicing any of the arts, an artist demonstrates a profession that is undeniably unique and requires visual knowledge. Practicing one of the performing arts, an artist reveals a talent that constitutes multiple abilities in public performance: visually, socially, and physically…. ;