Veterinarian all other Essay

Veterinarian all other Essay

Zoological Veterinarian and Zoological Medicine

– A unique expertise that some students choose to pursue after veterinary certification is in the field of zoological medicine. Those who pursue this line of work go on after accreditation to “serve in responsible positions as zoo and wildlife veterinarians, teachers, researchers, government officials, and administrators of other relevant programs fostering high quality medical care for non-domestic animals and are actively involved in the discovery of new knowledge in the discipline and the dissemination of this knowledge to the veterinary profession and public” (“ACZM”)….  

Veterinarian Technologists and Technicians

– … They also may work in boarding kennels, rescue leagues, and zoos. Often times their jobs can be physically or emotionally demanding. They work evenings, weekends, and most holidays (“veterinary technologists and technicians”).They generally work 40 hour week days (“veterinary technician”). Veterinarians must be alert while working; they can bitten, scratched, or kicked while caring for animals. While working on the job veterinarians must wear scrubs or white coats for proper work uniform. To become a veterinary technician you must maintain your grades, and must complete a two-four year college based accredited program….  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pursing a Career as a Veterinarian

– According to Business News and Financial News, Veterinarian is one of the twentieth best careers, and the twelfth best health care job to obtain. One reason why this particular career is so popular is because there is a large hiring demand. It is also ranked high for the level of stress level and work life balance, salary, and employment rate (“The 100 Best Jobs”). The above facts are the reasons why this is a career that I can see myself pursuing in the future. Being in the Veterinary Medicine career comes with a great deal of responsibilities, benefits, negative aspects, and an excessive amount of schooling….  

The Work of a Veterinarian

– Are you passionate about pets. Maybe you should think about becoming a veterinarian. The job outlook for this field is good. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of veterinarians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2012.(pg.121) Veterinary practices are your average everyday local animal hospital, dealing only with domestic animals unless the hospital specializes on a specific type of animal. Rural veterinarians deal with the larger animals such as livestock and any average farm animal such as cows, pigs, goats….  

A Career as Veterinarian

– My career choice is a veterinarian. I love animals, I like helping animals. Whenever and animal is hurt I feel like I have to help it. I cannot stand to see an animal in pain. When I help an animal it makes me feel good about myself. Veterinary medicine has been around as long as people have had a companionship with animals. Veterinary medicine goes back to 3000 b.c. Many countries around the world have ancient records of herbs and other remedies that they used on animals. The first historical records of veterinary efforts came from China and Egypt….