Vehicle cleaner Essay

Vehicle cleaner Essay

Cleaner Alternative Transportation

– When people think pollution, most think straight to automobiles producing harmful emissions which contribute to global warming or climate change. Well, this is true. Motor vehicles account for about half of the toxic air pollutant emissions in the United States. A large part of these toxic air pollutants is the need to rely on oil as a fuel source. The fact that oil is still the main source of energy for things like automobiles, when there are other alternatives like electric vehicles, creates many problems within our society….  

Hot Fire Fuel Injection Cleaner

– … Trade Promotions for Hot Fire First, here is some background information on this trade program. Terry Walsh is the producer and owner of Hot Fire Fuel Injection Cleaner and has asked for help in producing a trade promotions program. Fuel injection cleaners are poured into the gas tank when the vehicle is being filled up (Mester, 2013, para. 1). Terry’s fuel injection cleaner is a high performance product that is safe for foreign and domestic vehicles. It is currently being sold locally and is recognized by local and regional auto car racers (Warren, 2013, para….  

The Basics of Vehicle Maintenance

– … You will need the tool called air pressure gauge. It will show how much air in tire so you will know if it is enough air or not. If it need more air then you will need the air hose to put more air in the tire. You will do same with other three tires and spare tire. Air pressure check at least weekly is recommended. If the tires are no good anymore then you will have to change to new tires. You have to look for any unevenly worn spots, or short tread and the tires is most unlikely safe. Make sure you have spare tires, jacks, and lug wrench….  

Tesla Electric Cars: Leading the Way in Luxury, Performance and a Cleaner Future

– … Considering the Model S’s impressive performance capacities, they make a sound argument. David Ener, writer for Canada’s “The Globe and Mail” newspaper describes his experience of driving the Model S almost poetically, “The all-electric luxury sedan runs eerily quiet and it is a rocket on wheels, a stealth sports car. When it unveils itself, the Model S is a superhero of the road. All it takes is a light touch of what in most other cars would be called the gas pedal and the Tesla takes off, gaining significant speed in barely an instant.” (Ener D1) Consumer Reports ranked the Tesla as the number one vehicle on the road for three years in a row….  

The Electric Vehicle

– The Electric Vehicle The technology of electric vehicles has been around since the turn of the nineteenth century but faded as the gasoline powered engine took the spotlight. Now the future of electric vehicles is very bright. Their impacts are very significant ranging from economic, to new technology that can be applied elsewhere, to most importantly, the environment. Ford and GM, through its Saturn plant, have already begun production on their own version of the electric vehicle and have made them available to the public….