Urban planner Essay

Urban planner Essay

A Brief Look at Kevin Andrew Lynch

– … The better or the good that is the part of the people to judge and once they realize that not everyone is ever going to be happy the better it will get. But ultimately that is the part of the human nature and people will never be too happy with their losses and people do not rationalize things but it does change the fact of the matter that urbanization is there to stay and it has altered our lives and it will stay in place for good. It is something that has penetrated every walk of our lives and it will continue to do so for all times to come….  

Decline in Comprehensive Urban Planning

– The decline in comprehensive urban planning was one of the major assets in determining the capitalist view facing social resistance. This made it difficult for planners considering the number of critiques that persistently argued about the impact of planning. This is because cities have changed; there was no way to hold a consistent plan. The conflict between the central controls needed to perform comprehensive urban planning versus the capitalism in which individual property holders say about of how things are done because of their interests in their property….  

The History of Urban Planning

– Evidence of urban planning exists since antiquity. In ancient Greece the first settlements grew to be cities were following no particular urban plans mainly with the exception of their acropolises. However excess population growth in these city states lead to the colonization wave of the mediterranean during what is known as classical antiquity. The colonies were founded by their metropolises after carefully selecting their locations, providing access to natural resources (minerals, fertile lands, water) and trading routes….  

Holistic Urban Initiatives: Curitiba, Brazil

– Introduction Curitiba is globally recognized for its innovative urban strategies that have allowed the city to grow in a controlled and socially equitable manner. The unique political culture that drove the sweeping changes in Curitiba can be best described as a benevolent authoritarian regime. An authoritarian style of governance is not typically associated with comprehensive and inclusive urban planning, however the cast of characters that set the stage for comprehensive development worked as a collective group, compromised of likeminded individuals that set goals based on the expressed needs of the population as the primary driving force behind policy decisions….  

Incorporating Public Speaking into Regional and Urban Town Planning

– Introduction: Communicating properly through public speaking is an essential part of working as a Regional and Urban Town Planner. Throughout Town Planning, public speaking plays an important role in communicating with not only clientele and fellow planners but also the wider community in various congregations. However, there are various tactics that need to be implemented to be able to not only successfully convey the correct information, but to deliver it in a clear and concise manner that people at all education levels can understand….