University researcher Essay

University researcher Essay

Statement of Purpose as a Researcher in the Field of Power Systems at Michigan Technological University

– … Thus the ambition to pursue Ph.D. degree from USA, where the best research amenities are offered, became an automated choice for me. While in my third year of undergraduate study, I got acquainted with the concepts of signal and systems, digital signal processing (ETE 221), electronic circuitry, communication engineering and microprocessor fundamentals (ETE 311). When I studied power electronic circuits such as: ac to dc uncontrolled and controlled rectifiers, voltage controllers, converters, dc to ac inverters and power supplies, I decided to build my career on “Power Systems and Power Electronics” which prompted me to take more core courses and lab works in electrical and electronics f…  

Becoming a Researcher in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology in the Georgetown University School of Medicine

– STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “They can conquer those who believe they can” – these lines by Ralph Waldo Emerson have kept my dream alive of charting a career of research and innovation for myself. Advances are being made in the field of Biotechnology and it has emerged as a captivating and versatile field of science. Application of newer technologies has created new challenges and opportunities in this industry, but it is largely untapped resource and has large potential for continuous research. These newer challenges excite me and I am keen to try my hand at unraveling them with my skills through MS in Biotechnology and pursue a life of scholarly pursuits along with imparting the knowledge gained…  

Applicantion for Doctoral Program at University of Calgary

– I always believe that every researcher should be equipped with the best of the knowledge that is available. The doctoral program in University of Calgary will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about adult education and prepare me to be a senior level educator and researcher. That is why I am applying to the Ph.D. program in Educational Studies in Adult Learning, in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. I am very motivated to commit myself to academic pursuits in the field of educational studies; particularly, I am planning to do quality research on educational issues within adult education and adult learning contexts….  

A Career as a Neuroscience Researcher

– The science world, as a whole, knows very little about the brain and nervous system and how the one organ and its companion system can make up a person. They also do not fully understand the diseases that genetically alter how the brain works. The neuroscience researchers are faced with a new puzzle every day. They are the pioneers of the neuroscience field. These are the people that I want to be considered part of. I have, as a result of wanting this future, explored the career environment and why it is the best choice for me….  

Programme Researcher on Further Education

– Programme Researcher on Further Education Students’ decisions as to whether or not they stay on in further education after they have taken their GCSEs, ranges from social influence, t who has the desire to see it through – and still have enough money to live on afterwards. The main basis for staying on for further education is the GCSE grades that each individual receives. Some schools have policies where by only pupils with an average GCSE grade of a certain mark or above are actually allowed to enter for a sixth form and therefore further education….