University professor journalism media and communication Essay

University professor journalism media and communication Essay

Effect of Media in Children

– The new phenomenon that we refer to as the ‘media’ is something that generations of the past never had to deal with. “Media is the message and the messenger” (Newsom) and its power is increasing each day more and more. And because of how fairly new this phenomenon is, people are not putting the sufficient amount of emphasis and are not taking the adequate precautions. Society is so emerged in media consumption that it has become normal to us, more like “a way of life” and little sense of awareness exists towards the meaning behind the amount of uncontrolled information younger generations are receiving….  

Independently-Made Media

– For decades, Champaign-Urbana has inspired a long succession of independently-made media created by citizens, academics, and students wishing to enrich and inform their friends and neighbors in ways avoided by commercial outlets. This has encompassed print, radio, theater, music, the Internet, and the fine arts. However, the most ill-used form of modern communication to disseminate viewpoints and expression from a local perspective is arguably the one falsely believed to be the province of studio impresarios and celebrity egos?the cinema and its domestic offspring, television….  

Critical Analysis of Clive Thomas’s I’m So Totally, Digitally Close To You”

– … He discusses the pros and cons of the privacy level, ambient awareness, and effects on “weak tie” relationships that websites like Facebook create. He explains how this constant online communication, ambient awareness, gives you a sense of someone’s thoughts, actions, and experiences without actually being present. Thomas uses creditable sources such as Zeynep Tufekci, former assistant professor of sociology at the University of Maryland, whose research is based on social interaction between society and technology….  

Social Media’s Impact on Face-to-Face Communication in America

– It has been argued that the strength of one’s society is based upon the social rules it embraces. These rules while sometimes simple and easily identified can at other times be complicated with unwritten presupposed conditions that strong social communities rely upon as their principle governing conduct. This conduct can be exemplified in the way its citizens communicate ideas, interact with one another, accept personal responsibility for their actions, and participate in the community as a whole…. ;

Communication Expectations and How They Have Changed

– I feel like I am stuck in between two different generations, and two different ways of life. As a part of the digital advancement I take full advantage of all the digital resources presented to me. However, I also grew up long enough without all the social media that I understand the importance of face-to-face personal communication. The world my parents and grandparents grew up in is far different than the world my teenage brother is currently growing up in. I sit and think of my generation and it is almost as if we are the transitional generation between the two opposites…. ;