Typist Essay

Typist Essay

Murray Shisgals The Typists

– The play by Murray Shisgal, The Typists, is about two people who work during their lifetime at a firm, typing the addresses of prospective customers. Through their speeches we see that the play talks about hopelessness, routine and fear of change. Most of the character’s motives are explained through the Freudian concept of superego, or, in other words, the part of people’s psique which is related to discipline, judgment of the society, guilt, pride, self-discipline and self- punishment. In this paper, I’ll make an attempt to illustrate these themes in the play….  

Free Essays: Adams’ The Education

– The Education The typist who appears next in the passage is a worker named metonymically for the machine she tends, so merged with it, in fact, that she is called a “typist” even at home. In The Education, Henry Adams proclaims his astonishment at the denizens of the new American cities: “new types, — or type-writers, — telephone and telegraph-girls, shop-clerks, factory hands, running into millions on millions …. ” Eliot’s point here seems very close to Adams’s. Eliot’s woman is also a “type,” identified with her type-writer so thoroughly she becomes it….  

The Wasteland by T.S. Ellitot

– … By removing the safe rhyme scheme, Eliot is able to assert his message more assuredly. In the second stanza, we see a modification of structure yet again. Eliot chooses to remove the first word in the last two lines of the stanza: “And on the divan piled (at night her bed) / Are stockings, dirty camisoles, and stays”. By doing so, Eliot creates a “micro fracture” between the two lines. “Are” is a linking verb, and by removing the link, he is able to create a noticeable jump between the two lines….  

Downtown Abbey: Victorian Values

– Downton Abbey shows the need to leave the Victorian era behind to usher in twentieth century values because women wanted to choose their own life paths rather than following tradition. However, numerous people associated with Downton believed that maintaining tradition had more of an importance than moving on with the twentieth century. During the first season of Downton Abbey, there were many instances where the viewer could see the conflict between characters who wanted the Victorian period values to be cherished and maintained, while others wanted change….  

Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

– Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace Sexual discrimination in the workplace is something that many individuals have to deal with. This is not to be confused with sexual harassment, rather different treatment an individual(s) receives because of their gender. I chose to speak to this issue because it seems that no matter what is done, this idea, or ‘tradition,’ of men being superior to women will not fade out. Sexual discrimination is a major factor in how some stereotypes are derived….