Tutor Essay

Tutor Essay

Role, Responsibilities, and Boundaries of a Tutor

– Teaching in the lifelong learning sector encompasses students of many: age ranges, backgrounds and abilities. As a result, the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the tutor can at first appear to be immeasurable. This assignment will focus upon the role, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor within the context of teaching in the 16-18 age range bracket. It will reflect upon the needs of learners within my own role on the Study Programme (Learn to Work) at Tyneside Foyer, who have not achieved their potential in mainstream education, and who attend learning with numerous personal, social and academic barriers….  

Volatility Standard Deviation Tutor

– Introduction to volatility standard deviation tutor: Let us see about volatility standard deviation tutor. The volatility standard deviation is one of the statistics expressions that generate a good indication of volatility. It calculates how widely values are dispersed from the average. Distribution is the dissimilarity between the actual value and the average value. The greater difference between the closing prices and the average price, the larger standard deviation will be and the higher the volatility….  

On line tutor

– U Ottawa Online Tutor The following report is the report you requested on June 14th, 2005. It has proposal in regards to an online tutor database STS Consultant Firm developed to links students in need of academic assistance with potential tutors. Contained within the report is a detailed analysis of how the online tutor database benefits University of Ottawa and its students. In order for University of Ottawaaˆ™s School of Management to accept STS Consultant proposal to endorse advertise through the Schoolaˆ™s various communication channels….  

Importance of the Tutor in Electra

– Importance of the Tutor in Electra When delving into a novel, drama or other character-based text, analysts often focus their search around the supposed “major characters” who seem to most directly affect the work. In considering Electra, however, just as valuable as Orestes, Clytemnestra or Electra herself is a somewhat minor character, the Tutor. This attendant of Orestes emerges only three times and is on stage for less than twenty percent of the spoken lines, yet his role in driving the plot is as great as any….  

The Importance of the Tutor in The Flies

– The Importance of the Tutor in The Flies In Jean -Paul Sarte’s play, “The Flies”, the main character Orestes manages to lift a curse that has plagued the dwellers of Argos for decades. Both the current king of Argos and Zeus himself are perpetuating this curse for as long as possible for the curse keeps the people subservient and in a state of mourning and terror of their own actions; two things that both the king and Zeus favor in their rule over people. Orestes was actually a resident of Argos and is the first child of the Queen Mother and the dead king…. ;