Truck driver Essay

Truck driver Essay

A lesson from a truck driver

– A Lesson from a Truck Driver This story is about a lesson that my friends and I learned from a truck driver. It was a fine day when two of my best friends and I were walking home from school. We were in second grade and just immature as everybody else in our age. As we were walking on the sidewalk I found a big sucker on the ground. I wanted to have some fun and told one of my friends, Junghee, that if he is brave enough, he could throw that sucker and hit a car driving by. He hesitated for a while and I started to make fun of him for being such a chicken….  

From Driver to Owner: A Comedy of Trials

– … The downside, however, is that these establishments, much like a used car lot, tend to offer older, well-worn equipment. Much of their stock may have mechanical deficiencies. With the driver responsible for the mechanical maintenance and upkeep on his equipment, this may ultimately become cost-prohibitive over time, leaving him with difficulty in making his payments, be they weekly or monthly. Additionally, due to the in-house financing option, the interest may be very high, or the down payment required might be beyond what the driver is capable of producing….  

A Career as a NASCAR Driver

– NASCAR is a multibillion dollar family owned and operated sports industry. It was founded by Bill France, Sr. in 1947-48. From 1947-48 NASCAR has changed and developed throughout the years. Having a career as a NASCAR driver and racing competitively can be the best thing for a person who loves to drive fast.7 Of course, to become a driver for the National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing, you would have to start from the bottom and work your way up to professional racing….  

Truck Transportation Industry Analysis

– OVERVIEW Have you ever wondered how you were able to get fresh produce during hard seasonal hits or how some customer were able to purchase a Christmas tree in Texas. It is likely that the trucking industry played a huge role in making those things happen. The truck industry became a competitive market place with many challenges that are based upon the economy, the weather, and new technologies. As the rise of demand for goods sent to more rural places, and as the demand for the timely delivery of goods raised the demand of the truck transportation industry sky high….  

Coal Truck Drivers

– Introduction: I. Attention Getter: When cruising down the highway, watch out. What was that. A bird, a plane, no it was a big boulder of coal falling from the coal truck onto the highway. What next. There went my headlight, and my quarter panel. Look out. Close the sunroof. II. Thesis: My pet peeve coal truck drivers, they are everywhere. It’s not safe to drive on the roads anymore. III. Preview: Every person in this room had to drive or is driven to get here. Did you pay attention to how many coal trucks you passed….