Tobacco preparer Essay

Tobacco preparer Essay

The History of Tobacco

– … It was closely observed that this crop was easy to grow, trade, and use for personal enjoyment. The tobacco economy in the early colonies was a cycle of leaf demand, slave labor demand, a global industry that eventually led to the rise of the Chesapeake Consignment system, which means American tobacco farmers would sell their sell their crops to merchants in London but still retain ownership until the goods were sold or the person was transferred. Contracts were also drawn up with wholesalers in Charleston and New Orleans to ship the tobacco to London merchants, after which the loans would be repaid with profits from the sales….  

The Tobacco Epidemic

– Introduction Tobacco epidemic killed 100 million people worldwide in the 20th Century. Tobacco epidemic could kill 1 billion in the 21st century alone. Smoking is responsible for the death of one in ten adults worldwide (about 5 million deaths per year) and, if current smoking patterns continue, by 2030 the proportion will be one in six, about 10 million deaths per year (World bank, 1999). This means that about 500 million people alive today will eventually be killed by tobacco (Peto & et al, 1994)….  

The War on Tobacco

– Tobacco Regulation Tobacco companies have been in a battle with anti-smokers for a while about regulating tobacco, and there has been a war between tobacco companies and anti tobacco crusaders, because of regulating tobacco and some lawsuits. For one viewpoint regulating tobacco would be a good thing to do, anti tobacco crusaders are saying that regulation of tobacco is necessary to protect public health; on the other hand the other viewpoint is say that the tobacco companies are saying “regulation of tobacco will do more harm than good.” There are two sides to this war on tobacco regulation and here is the first viewpoint….  

Tobacco: The Original Addictive Substance

– The tobacco of the south has shaped the United States in history and today. The tobacco plant was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and he then brought it back to England when he returned from his voyage. England began to be addicted to tobacco. Its residents spent more than 200,000 euros on the crop a year in the 1600’s (“History 1492-1762”). Since the discovery of the tobacco plant, it has been well sought after and a large cash crop. Big tobacco companies attempt to hide the real effects of smoking their products, and aim their campaigns toward teenagers….  

Global Tobacco Control, An Analysis

– … With support from WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative, QTI utilizes healthcare providers to encourage anti-smoking programs (Quit Tobacco International [QTI], 2003). In addition, Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center of Disease Control, and Bakti Husada, which is the health department of Indonesia, are institutes and programs that have teamed up in providing the necessary funds and means to end secondhand smoking in Indonesia (Hardjo et al., 2012)….