Ticket collector in train tram metro bus Essay

Ticket collector in train tram metro bus Essay

Metro 2033, by Dmitry Glukhovsky

– Machines are everywhere. They take up every aspect of our lives: our waking up, our getting to school/work, and even at school/work. But when mankind’s machines are used for ill, the results could mean the death of us. Nuclear ICBMs pose a constant threat; just one of their 250 warheads can level cities with a single, grand explosion, and one warhead can contaminate 250 miles of air and land, making it inhospitable for thousands of years. In Metro: 2033, the worst scenario has been realized: the 2013 nuclear war has annihilated most of humanity, and the few thousand people living in the Moscow Metro (Ìîñêîâñêîå ìåòðî) are struggling to survive mutant attacks, believing again…  

Kuching Bus Terminal in East Malaysia

– … Most of the bus company workers complained that too long behind the wheel as main cause of stress in their jobs. Inability of the workers to engage with the stressful working environment causes the productivity of workforce to decrease. Tucker (2013) stated that people are not designed to operate for 24/7. Human have natural programmed clock which sleep at night active during the day called circadian rhythm (Workplace Safe and Health, 2010, p5). The rhythm can be disrupted by the changes of daily schedule….  

Ezra Pound’s In a Station of the Metro

– Ezra Pound’s In a Station of the Metro Before this week, I had never read any poetry by Ezra Pound. I noticed immediately that many of the poems are very short. “In a Station of the Metro,” for example, is two lines. In the essay “Imagism,” the second rule of imagistes is said to be “to use absolutely no word that did not contribute to the presentation.” I think this rule helps explain why some of Pound’s poems are so short. Obeying the second rule of imagistes will be harder the longer the poem is…. ;

Los Angeles’ Metro and Accessibility

– … This Act now gave disabled people a means to go places. It caused designated areas for wheelchairs in Parking lots, made ramps in public places, and caused manufactures to make a new line of busses to be accessible for the disabled. This brought many good things to the community of disabled people and it was a great innovation in the infrastructure of society and it made disabled people more likely to be getting jobs because now they couldn’t be discriminated because they were disabled. This was put in place all over the US including Los Angeles Metro….  

Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Bus Arbiter

– … This design allows the PCI bus architecture to be independent of processor. To interface a different microprocessor, the designer should only change the interface logic in the PCI host logic so as to match with the new processor. Moreover, the PCI host logic allows bus concurrency. The microprocessor can continue with its tasks while a PCI bus master is accessing the bus. Two PCI devices can still communicate using bus while the microprocessor is accessing its cache or main memory. While the program is being executed, the processor might access main memory for various reasons….