Thanatology researcher Essay

Thanatology researcher Essay

Review of Thanatology in Protoplanetary Discs

– Review of Thanatology in Protoplanetary Discs: The combined influence of Ohmic, Hall, and ambipolar diffusion on dead zones (Lesur, Kunz & Fromang 2014) Introduction Protoplanetary discs are cool and dense, their gas is composed of neutrals, ions and electron, and in the presence of a background magnetic field this becomes magnetised plasma. Due to the fact that this is normally poorly ionised, the plasma in protoplanetary discs, is therefore subject to three non-ideal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) effects; Ohmic dissipation, ambipolar diffusion and Hall effect….  

The Educational Researcher: Review and Response

– 2.1 Forum Analysis A. Research and Identify: Background / History of Forum Although the Educational Researcher does not have a stated political position and is not interested in politics on the surface, some political ideas and opinions are very evident within its pages. In my opinion, the Educational Researcher tends to lean more towards the liberal/progressive side, because the articles they publish tend to have some very progressive ideas, theories and research. The journal also tends to side with educators and professors who for the most part usually lean a little to the left….  

A Career as a Neuroscience Researcher

– The science world, as a whole, knows very little about the brain and nervous system and how the one organ and its companion system can make up a person. They also do not fully understand the diseases that genetically alter how the brain works. The neuroscience researchers are faced with a new puzzle every day. They are the pioneers of the neuroscience field. These are the people that I want to be considered part of. I have, as a result of wanting this future, explored the career environment and why it is the best choice for me….  

Programme Researcher on Further Education

– Programme Researcher on Further Education Students’ decisions as to whether or not they stay on in further education after they have taken their GCSEs, ranges from social influence, t who has the desire to see it through – and still have enough money to live on afterwards. The main basis for staying on for further education is the GCSE grades that each individual receives. Some schools have policies where by only pupils with an average GCSE grade of a certain mark or above are actually allowed to enter for a sixth form and therefore further education….  

The Work of Math Education Researcher, Richard Lesh

– As a contemporary mathematics education researcher, Richard Lesh is know for describing what has been known as models and modeling perspectives in regard to mathematical problem solving, learning, and teaching (Lesh & Doerr, 2003). Models are defined as “purposeful mathematical descriptions of situations, embedded within particular systems of practice that feature an epistemology of model fit and revision” (Lesh & Lehrer, 2003). What modeling involves is a series of tests for fitness on models developed by the students as they think mathematically about a presented problem situation….