Textile designer Essay

Textile designer Essay

Fashion or Textile Designers and History

– … It is interesting that this display of what society is likely to consider anti-traditionalist is actually showing respect for ancient history and culture. This clever and constant referral back to history, whether it is to create a context for her designs, or inform the content of her technique, works successfully to appeal to our intellect. Moreover, examine fig. and notice Westwood’s play with parody in her plaid trouser- a heritage style evoking nostalgia and sentiment. Much the antagonist, Westwood has clashed this concept with the overlaid bright techno-coloured computer-age prints….  

The Job of an Interior Designer

– Do you know what your answer would be if someone asked you what you want to have as a career. I know that my answer would be that I want a career in interior design. Interior designers evaluate, organize, coordinate, and design better living and working spaces. They require both artistic and business skills in order to do their job properly. Because I enjoy many of the aspects of an interior designer’s job, I chose this career to learn more about. The job of an interior designer is to create a space that meets their client’s needs by using decorations, lighting, colors, and patterns (“Interior Designers” para….  

Fashion Designer: Clemente Ludoviko Valentino Garavani

– “I know what women want. They want to be beautiful” (www.vogue.com/voguepedia/Valentino) said Valentino Garavani who was one of the most influential fashion designs of the 20th and 21st century, “Known for his classic designs, he’s been dressing the world’s rich and famous for almost the last five decades. Valentino has built his once small fashion house into a fashion empire.” (www.lifeinitaly.com/fashion/valentino-garavini.asp) His career in fashion started in the fifties but his passion for it began as a young child with the approval and encouragement of his parents…. ;

The Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. Textile Industry

– The Impact of NAFTA on the U.S. Textile Industry When the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 1994, many expressed fears that one consequence would be large job losses in the US textile industry as companies moved production from the United States to Mexico. Opponents of NAFTA argued passionately, but unsuccessfully, that the treaty should not be adopted because of the negative impact it would have on employment in the United States, particularly in industries such as textiles…. ;

Textile Mills: Their Innovation and Impact on Society

– When our group found out that this year’s History Day topic was “impact and innovation” we had an epiphany to exemplify what impacted people’s lives the most, so we concluded to do our on project on the innovation in the textile industry and impact of the textile mills. The textile mills provided people with a cheap source of cloth that had an impact on every person’s lives during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In order to get our information on the innovation and impact of the textile mills, as a group we gathered information from various places and did extensive research on our topic…. ;