Technical sales representative Essay

Technical sales representative Essay

Personal Sales

– Personal Sales Personal sales are the deliverance of a specially designed message to a prospect consumer by a seller; usually it comes in different forms such as face-to-face communication, personal letters, or a personal telephone conversation. Unlike advertising, a personal sales message can be more specifically targeted to individual prospects and easily altered if the desired behavior does not occur. However Personal selling is far more expensive than advertising and is generally used only when its high costs can be necessary….  

The Wayfarer, A Technical Revolution

– … MacArthur (See photo …) started to wear his pair of aviator at every photo opportunity. Which marks the change that was stated before. Ondanks this is just a small change of… (………) With the succes of the Aviator , ray-ban patented the wayfarer in 1952 , designed by Ray Stegeman for the same reason as the aviator. But different from the aviator which was entirely made out of metal like all sunglasses at this time, the wayfarer was the first pair of sunglasses that was entirely made out plastics….  

Developing an Underpenetrated Territory

– One of the proudest accomplishments of my professional career was developing an underpenetrated territory for ABC within the New York and New Jersey (NY/NJ) market. I started my career at ABC as a Sales Associate (SA) in January 2010. My primary role was to leverage multiple lead-generation tools ( to create demand and qualify opportunities for the NY/NJ enterprise sales team. The company’s expectation was for each SA to make 75 calls per day and generate one million dollars of pipeline revenue for the field….  

Sales Representatives

– While there are many professions out in our growing world today, very few require as much self-determination as a sales representative. The value of a sales representative is on the rise in our economy today and many companies are looking for pioneers to take on the challenges of fulfilling the position. Being a sales representative for any company comes with much knowledge of merchandise, responsibilities, skills, and experience. The position of being a sales representative, or sales rep for short, is a very important part to the success of a company….  

Life of a Sales Representative

– Life of a Salesman People tend to shy away from a sales career due to the fact they lack self-confidence or they don’t want to be the stereotype of being pushy or dishonest. A career as a successful sales representative requires a positive attitude and the ability to be creatively persistent to sell a product without forcing it on the customer. According to Alliance (2013), “sales representative jobs have the potential to be dynamic, exciting and very lucrative” considering you meeting new people every day but at times very stressful….