Structural engineer Essay

Structural engineer Essay

Different Design Perspectives

– … • CONSTRUCTION Civil Engineer/Site Engineer The responsibility is to inspect all the construction work and assure that it is done in full efficiently with the drawings, technical specifications and bills of quantities. Other important thing is that civil engineer needs to check the safety at site. Project manager The Project Manager has the biggest responsibility to ensure that the Project Team completes the project with desired period, quality and cost. The Project Manager finalizes the plan with the team and directs the team’s performance of project tasks….  

Structural Engineering and Ethical Decision Making

– Structural Engineering and Ethical Decision Making INTRODUCTION Currently in the state of California, designers employed in the building industry follow the 1997 Uniform Building Code (UBC 97). The UBC 97 is intended to be a minimum requirement for both engineers and architects to follow in the design of any structural building or bridge. There are exceptions to the use of the UBC; local jurisdictions have the right to adopt other codes for there use. For instances some counties or cities may adopt certain ordinances that go beyond the UBC….  

Overview of the Career of an Engineer

– Someday in life everyone has to get a job either related to their career or to make their living. Most of the people who get job is related to one’s career. One of the booming career these days in engineering, and among them aerospace engineering is one of the highly paid career and really interesting to work in. In the career of aerospace engineering, engineers usually have to work really hard. In this field, one mostly work on building or designing aircrafts based on the requirement. To be a successful aerospace engineer one needs to gain a lot of education and should be able to work in any environment….  

Statement of Purpose to Become a Structural Enginieer or a Veterinarian

– … Once the structural design has been cleared and approved, it has to be presented to the company that is having it built. Just as if, that has to present the diagnosis of the animal to the owner. Both careers have to present, except they present different information. In some cases the vet will have to test animal samplesto determine what the problem. Engineers have required of them to test the structural soundness of every building they design. For either career, you have coworkers. Sometimes engineers have hundreds of coworkers and other times they work a lot….  

Hardware Engineer

– Hardware Engineer Computers have become an indispensible part of modern life. Since 1936, with the invention of the first programmable computer, people have been tweaking, changing, and experimenting to make this machine function better and make the lives of uncountable people easier. Integral to computer functioning is computer hardware, for example, a monitor, keyboard, memory chips, and the mouse. This hardware is evolving rapidly to become faster and more user-friendly. Hardware engineers have thorough educations, challenging jobs, and produce fascinating products….