Stone worker Essay

Stone worker Essay

Worker B5-8-9-2 Reporting

– … The new, clean-shaven recruit, garbed in the dark grey overalls of the company, appeared oblivious to the world around him. He lay hunched over the table, peered intently at the monitor and typed frantically for the better part of an hour. The worker glanced at the stranger beside him and switched tabs to a blank document. He typed. Day 1825 Today marks my fifth year within this pod. Unfortunately, Worker B3824 was promoted. Number of workers promoted during my stay now tallies five. Average length of stay is approximately one year….  

Illiteracy in A Judgement in Stone, by Ruth Rendell

– In today’s society a vast number of people are well educated. They have the equal opportunity to choose their own path in life by getting an education. A primary educational aspect of every human is to learn to read. Being able to read is a primary goal of people in human society, as well as important in itself to society; it takes people far beyond their wildest dreams. A person who is literate has few limitations on what they can do; the world is an open playing field, because a person that is literate has the ability to become very successful in life….  

Santa Claus: A Stepping Stone to God?

– “He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake!” (Coots and Gillespie). The man is all knowing, benevolent, loving, generous, and kind. He can see people’s every action, and keeps a list of the good and bad that they have done. He rewards if they have done good, and punishes if they have done bad. He lives far away in a mystical, magical, un-chartable place. His name is Santa Claus. Or, is it God. There are undeniable parallels between the two…. ;

Sweat Shops are an Economic Stepping Stone

– Sweatshops: A Bad Thing or an Economic Stepping-Stone. Many people in our society today are constantly asking, “Why do sweatshops exist?” The answer to this question is that companies like Nike and Wal-Mart use sweatshops to produce their goods for a much cheaper rate, to reduce the cost of their products. The problem with sweatshops is that the workers are subject to hard work in often times poor conditions for minimal pay. But although many people may condemn sweatshops, there are some advantages that many people overlook when arguing against sweatshops and their practices…. ;

Affirmative ActionThe Cases of Woods, Ledbetter, and Stone

– Waffle House is a restaurant located in the South and Eastern United Stated. It is a place where a person can get great waffles and coffee. The Waffle House Corporation has had multiple discrimination law suits filed against them in the past ten years ranging from sexual harassment to racial bias. Waffle House is just one example that discrimination is still very much a problem in our Nation. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was originally developed to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and in our schools, unfortunately, discrimination is still alive and well and therefore we still require the enforcing ability of Affirmative Action…. ;