Stationmaster Essay

Stationmaster Essay

The Train from Rhodesia and The Gold Cadillac Comparison

– How Do The Texts Represent The Theme Of Racial Prejudice. ‘The Train from Rhodesia’ written by Nadine Gordimer and ‘The Gold Cadillac’ written by Mildred Taylor both represent the theme of racial prejudice in their stories. Prejudice is when you prejudge someone before you know that person. ‘The Train from Rhodesia’ is set in South Africa, in the time of Apartheid, as a train full of white citizens comes into a train station and one black man barters to sell his symbolic lion. The man of the young white couple waits until the train starts to go before he decides the price he wants to pay for the lion and then throws the money out of the window and then the young white woman does not want it….  

Brief Biography of Thomas Alva Edison

– … Over the years they had three children: Marion, Thomas, nicknamed “Dash and Dot” because of telegraphy terms, and William ( 2014). He was still working in telegraphy, when he developed the quadruplex telegraph, which allowed two messages to go on the same line. This was an amazing invention for the time, and Edison made a large profit off of it. He originally was going to sell it to the Western Union Telegraph Company for $2,000, but they offered him $40,000 for the invention ( 2014)….  

Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad

– Slavery had begun in 1619 in North America. The first African-American slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia to produce crops such as tobacco. Slavery had become more known in the American Colonies because they were used to stimulate the economy. Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin had demanded more slave labor. The number of slaves grew drastically from time to time. Slaves had endured a lot of pain from their owners. They would beat them so brutally that it would result in death. How long can a slave stay with their owner and take such harsh punishment just because they are slaves….  

The Underground Railroad

– Slavery was a dark time in America’s past. Not only did slavery separate millions of families, it destroyed the white man’s reputation to African people. Many slave owners treated their slaves well, many did not. They forced their slaves to live in deplorable conditions. Malnutrition and overworking often led to death. If you were a slave, would you risk it all and try to run away. You might not have a choice if you wanted to stay alive. In 1581, the first imported African slaves landed in the Americas….  

The Scottsboro Trials

– Imagine being a black teenager in the south amid the great depression. It was hard enough for whites to find jobs during this time; I can’t even begin to fathom what it would be like being black seeking a job. Many blacks sought hoboing as a common pastime seeing it as an adventure to get them from one small job to another. And this is where the story of the Scottsboro Boys begins. Aboard a southern railroad car was a young black youth named Haywood Patterson. He clutched to the side of the car as it careened back and forth over the rusty tracks….