Staircase installer Essay

Staircase installer Essay

Staircase to Destiny

– Staircase to destiny This state of the art exhibit is endeavouring to reflect my beliefs, values and attitudes that I strongly represent as an individual. As my life progresses on, my beliefs, values and attitudes has been uniformly modified and evolved by interacting with my family and my religion, Buddhism. In conclusion, my exhibit provides a thorough insight into the influences in my life that I have shaped my attitudes, values and beliefs. I felt that utilising the white base of my exhibit would be the most appropriate way to express and portray these influences in an understandable manner….  

Under the Staircase

– … The first lesson is that everything will always be ok; you just to have hope. Let’s face it well have dark periods in our lives that we just cannot seem to see a way out. One of the darkest periods in my life is my freshman year. My day to day life was subject to torment by my peers. The kind of torment in which you feel sick to your stomach every single day when you wake up and start to think of walking through the doors of the school to your hell. Then I remembered to have hope and what became my hope was Gull Lake and coming to a school in which no one knew me….  

Understanding Friendship through the Staircase Model

– Relationships can have different forms such as between two lovers or between parent and child. There are many times in a relationship when it goes downhill due to lack of communication. Most fundamental form of relationship is Dyad where two people engage in communication of shared history and personal nature. Ruben and Stewart (2006) supports, “In any dyad, unique language patterns and communication patterns develop that differentiate that relationship from others”. One can easily see the dyadic relationship between friends….  

Up The Down Staircase

– Up the Down Staircase By Bel Kaufman The main character of this book is Sylvia Barret she is a recent college graduate, and works as a high school English teacher. Sylvia would like to work in a nice private school, like so many of her friends. Instead Sylvia takes a job with the board of education, in a nieve attempt to reach out to the under privileged inner-city children in public schools. Sylvia battles with so many choices in this book. In the end she makes the right ones….  

Matchstick Staircase Investigation

– Matchstick Staircase Investigation Introduction This investigation is based on the ‘number sequence’ and I am going to make further more matchstick staircases for this investigation. Investigation to find out the number of matchsticks on the perimeter in a matchstick staircase using the GENERAL RULE. I have drawn 6 matchstick staircases on the graph paper and I am going to put the number of matchsticks on the base, number of matchsticks on the perimeter, total number of matchsticks in a table based on the 6 matchstick staircases….