Specialist nurse Essay

Specialist nurse Essay

Specialist Placement Programs in Nurse Training

– ,,Reflection is a process of receiving an experience of practice in order to describe, analyse, evaluate, and so inform learning about practice…’’ said Reid (1993). It was one of the specialist placements during the second year of General Nursing programme. From 7th of February 2014 I started my work experience in Mental Health Unit 9A over Merlin Park Hospital in Galway. This specialist placement gave me opportunity to work under the guidance of a preceptor – one of the registered psychiatric nurses with people who suffer from mental health problems….  

Examining the Role of the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diagnosing and Prescribing

– Historically, the American Medical Association (AMA) has continuously contended the progression of nursing practice, in particular advanced nursing practice (Keeling & Bigbee, 2005). They have done so by opposing the advances of nursing practice claiming the broader and more specialized roles of advanced practice nurses (APNs), which includes diagnosing and prescribing, encroaches on physician practice and claim nurses are not educationally sufficiently prepared to take on these roles (Summers & Summers, 2007)….  

Nature of Advanced Practice and Specialist Practice

– Nature of advanced and specialist practice Introduction In our day today life we see advancements in various fields. Likewise nursing is a holistic profession where many changes have occurred. Throughout the nursing history it is the professionalization that has been a driving force for change (Barker. M, 2009 p20). From the period of Nightingale to the recent nursing there is much advancement in nursing practices. In the UK barriers for advanced nursing practice has been decreased for past 20 years as the legislative reforms have swept the nation (Pearson, 2004)….  

Exploring the Role of Canadian Clinical Nurse Specialists

– … The other job responsibility is of a clinician who has good knowledge and experience in nursing who helps in planning and providing care. As a consultant the CNS uses critical thinking and knowledge in decision making. In the role of an educator, necessary education is given to clients, family and also to registered nurses. They also works as planner for continuing education programs. As a researcher, the CNS helps in conducting research and also encourages research works. The Clinical Nurse Specialist assigns the registered nurse and the registered practical nurse with duties….  

The Role of Psychiatric Nurse

– Clear role definition is essential to the development of the psychiatric nurse. The expanded role of the psychiatric nurse is clearly identified in the literature for many areas of care such for the forensic psychiatric nurse in Lyons (2009), the nurse practitioner in O’Neil, Moore, and Ryan (2008); Kaye et al. (2009) , and for the mental health liaison nurse in Merritt and Procter ( 2010). However, a clear role definition for the generalist nurse is not easily found (Rungapadiachy & Gough, 2004)….