Special effects artist Essay

Special effects artist Essay

Special Effects Movie

– Have you ever watched a movie with special effects. The movies that are referred to can be suspenseful or an action packed film with special effects that include explosions, stunts or virtual characters. That is the creation and job of a Multimedia Artist/Animator, they bring fun and excitement to movies and games on a daily basis. Some multimedia artist work on movies,cartoons, and video games. A multimedia artist creates special effects on a computer and places the object in a film or a game….  

VFX Studio Financial Difficulties and Woes of the VFX Artist

– VFX Studio Financial Difficulties and Woes of the VFX Artist Rhythm and Hues was a well-known visual effects studio, has been around since 1987. This studio did the special effects for movies such as The Golden Compass, and more recently for the award-winning Life of Pi, which won an Oscar for it’s visual effects. This studio has had much success, but despite this the studio was forced to file bankruptcy only a couple of weeks prior to winning an Oscar. This signifies a red flag for the VFX industry as a whole….  

Special Effects

– Special Effects Special effects in motion pictures has evolved over the years into an involved science of illusion and visual magic. The following is a comprehensive perspective depicting the rapidly expanding realm of cinematography. In times of old, special effects in movies was limited to an individual’s creativity and the constrictive limits of the tools available. However the results of early special effects masters astounded audiences in their age in the same manner that modern artists do today…. ;

Hitchcock, The Artist

– Hitchcock, The Artist “Shadow of a Doubt” was one of those movies I would flip right past if it happened to be on television. If I knew that it was a Hitchcock film, perhaps I’d pause for a few seconds to see if it looked scary. If it didn’t captivate me within those few seconds, I’d cruise right by until I found MTV. But, being somewhat forced to watch “Shadow of a Doubt” in class, I had no choice other than to buckle down and pay attention. I was pleasantly surprised. I expected some twists and turns, since it is an Alfred Hitchcock film…. ;

Changes on Film and photography over the Decades

– … I have used photography and film in my own work. I find photography a great aid to work from as it allows me to take a step back and see my work from a different perspective and keeps me focused on the point I am trying to convey. Even Picasso used photography in his work using long exposure shots to ‘draw’ with light. The continuation of traditional photographic methods are still practised through modern artists such as Abelardo Mordell who turns rooms into giant camera obscuras by blacking out the window leaving a small hole to let light in…. ;