Special educational needs assistant Essay

Special educational needs assistant Essay

What is the Role of a Teaching Assistant?

– What is the Role of a Teaching Assistant. What does a Teaching Assistant (TA) do. there are many variations to this role making this not a straight forward question to answer. There are class teaching assistants, Special Educational Needs (SEN) teaching assistants, specialist subject teaching assistants, Higher Level teaching assistants (HLTA’s) to name a few. The job role will differ from school to school as TA’s are present in schools from Early Years classrooms through to senior and upper schools, making the role of a TA an extremely diverse and varied one….  

What?s Special Education Needs?, Questions and Answers

– … • Easily distracted or preoccupied. • An inability to perform basic movements such as walking straight. • A lack of pleasure in (or the avoidance of ) reading. • Becoming a distraction to the class. Children may be more likely to present as having special educational needs if their parent/s were also a child with SEN. Assuming that a child has SEN gives opportunities to find out if the child has developed a coping mechanism, personal to them to help hide their SEN. Issues around embarrassment may stop a child with SEN from reaching out for support from their parents, teachers or other school representatives….  

A Case Study of a Student with Special Needs

– Case Summary Background It was observed a 5th grade elementary student, that for privacy we will name him J during this case study. He arrived to the school in the second semester of Fourth grade and he has being diagnose under the umbrella of the Autism spectrum from the previous school documentation. J was served by the Especial Education content Mastery (“as known Especial Ed. Classroom”) in period of times during the day, but he was place in a regular education classroom. He immediately presented behavioral issues due to the transition of a new environment and his learning disabilities….  

Regular vs. Special Education Classes

– I posed this question prior to my research; do special education students receive the same attention and level of education as students in regular education. Through investigation and observation, I explored the differences between regular education classrooms and special education classrooms to see if there were in fact inequalities between the two. Prior to doing research, I assumed that all education was alike, and that regardless of special needs, the educational institution provided an equal opportunity for all students to learn….  

Educational Leadership Roles

– In Education, teachers recently have had little opportunity to take on leadership roles. These opportunities have been limited to traditional ones such as becoming a principal or ones clearly defined in a specific school setting like a literacy coach. All stakeholders including the principal, administration, and teacher politics involved within the school district and in each school’s culture have also played a role in leaving talented teachers in the classroom and not in front of the class leading educational reform….