Solderer Essay

Solderer Essay

Elihu Thomson and The Resistance Welding

– Welding is a very good job to choose to be a career. Welding is jointing of two or more materials through heat or heat and pressure forming a bond between them. Welding is very interesting because it is all over the world. The cars you drive, the desk the student sit in, the gun people shoot in the war, and the buildings we are in are welded on so it can stay together. Welding has different positions as a job. When the Industrial Revolution began around 1750 AD a process known as forge welding was used….  

Difficult Life On and Off the Battle Fields of the Civil War

– … On both sides the prison camps were miserable, often graveyards. Many prisoners died from starvation, or disease from such close quarters. The meals at the prison camps were just bread and water, not enough to survive, making the prisoners eat rodents to survive, which often caused disease. The Civil War also had a big impact on civilians. Most men had gone to war, promoted by the draft laws, where the government forced you to join the army, required by law. Because of this law, most civilians were women and children….  

What You Need to Pipeline Weld

– … the last number is the type of coating on the rod. so lets say you have you have a 7018 rod that would have a 70,000 psi tensile strength you can weld in any position and has a number 8 coating, and know that you know what kind of rod you need you can concentrate on the technique to make the right weld bead. the next thing you need is to use the right technique. with the right use of the right technique you can reduce most all the distortion in the weld. distortion is the under cut, porosity the wrong doing of the bead….  

Insights on Death in I’ve Seen a Dying Eye

– “I’ve Seen a Dying Eye,” by Emily Dickinson, is a poem about the nature of death. A sense of uncertainty and uncontrollability about death seems to exist. The observer’s speech seems hesitant and unsure of what he or she is seeing, partly because of the dashes, but also because of the words used to describe the scene. As the eye is observed looking for something, then becoming cloudy and progressing through more obscurity until it finally comes to rest, the person observing the death cannot provide any definite proof that what the dying person saw was hopeful or disturbing….  

Transmission of Information through a Photonic Link

– Transmission of Information through a Photonic Link Introduction As civilizations rose they noticed the sun as they received the light it sent to them, because of this a fascination arose for light. Eventually the human mind and technology progressed to such experiments as those of Alexander Graham’s use of light in a photophone, a transmitter of voice using the sun as a transmitter. However unlike Graham’s experiment, modern technology provides a new level of communication in this experiment….