Software tester Essay

Software tester Essay

Software Testing Question and Answer Series

– What type of database questions are asked in interview for testing positions. – Testing Q&A Series This article is a part of software testing questions and answers series. You can see all previous articles under this Q&A series on this page – Software Testing Questions & Answers. If you want to ask a question, just write a comment below. Mallik asks: “What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?” This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at freshers level or for experienced testing professionals….  

New Approaches to Software Testing

– … Life cycle phase in which testing takes place classifies the testing based on the phase for which the testing process is done like coding phase, integration phase, system requirements phase, maintenance phase, pre-release phase for which corresponding testing needs to happen like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing and beta-testing. Goal specific testing focuses on the goal of the testing activity like security, correctness of GUI, operational correctness, system performance, peripheral compatibility, penetration resistance etc….  

Could Open Source Help Your Business?

– CS 308 -Technical Writing When To Open Source Software Introduction The focus of almost all businesses is to make money; those in the software industry are no different. Software manufacturers and other technology companies face the same dilemmas: they compete in a market that evolves rapidly while attempting to supply the impatient public, even more impatient corporations, and governments with software that meets their needs. Many strategies are available to these software companies, but one of the most viable, modern options is open source….  

Software Validation and Verification

– Software Validation and Verification A. Concepts and Definitions Software Verification and Validation (V&V) is the process of ensuring that software being developed or changed will satisfy functional and other requirements (validation) and each step in the process of building the software yields the right products (verification). The differences between verification and validation are unimportant except to the theorist; practitioners use the term V&V to refer to all of the activities that are aimed at making sure the software will function as required….  

Functional Testing

– I. Introduction Functional Testing is basically testing software based on its functional requirements. Meaning it makes sure that the SUT (System Under Test) or program physically works the way it is intended. Now that there is a basic understanding of what Functional Testing is by the definition provided above; How about going more In-depth on the topic. This paper will provide answers to questions that the writer had on the topic as well as to the overall importance of Functional Testing. Questions to be discussed will be accentuated throughout the paper….