Sauce production operator Essay

Sauce production operator Essay

Soy Sauce Industry And Kikoman

– Soy Sauce Industry and Kikoman Brief History of Soy Sauce and Kikkoman According to the Kikkoman Case, Soy sauce was first discovered in China around 500s B.C. Then a Japanese priest who was in China, came across soy sauce and brought it back to Japan. The roots of soy sauce in Japan originated in the 16th Century. In the mid 17th Century, two of Japanese families, Mogi and Takanashi began brewing soy sauce in Noda, where good soy beans, wheat and salt were available, originating the root of current Kikkoman Corporation….  

Production Line Inspection

– Any production line involves some form of inspection; the most basic form is manual visual inspection. This kind of inspection is not always the least expensive or the most reliable. For example, metal sheets are monitored visually by trained personnel, which require a very slow production line for reliable detection and to insure the inspector’s safety. Such systems are very costly due to the slower production speed; they are also labor intensive and labor dependent and need to be a separate stage to avoid production line interruptions….  

Origin and Story of Soy Sauce

– … By December 1750 it had reached the North America, arriving first in New York Harbor bearing the name “India Soy.” (Shurtleff & Aoyagi,2012) Now, I will explain the process of making soy sauce. Now we all know that soy sauce comes from soy beans, but how is it turned into the dark syrupy liquid. These use a process called fermentation, which a way of cooking a food using bacteria. There are two distinct ways to making soy sauce, there is the traditional brewing fermentation and refining process, and then there is a chemical non brewing process called chemical-hydrolyzation….  

A Career in Film Production

– My entire life I have been fascinated with film and commercials. As a kid, I would stop what I was doing to watch a commercial. This has not changed through the years. My goal in life is to work in the film industry and work with video. This may have developed from my brother’s short term love for the video arts. Like most little brothers I followed in his footsteps through a lot of things and most of them would not stick. As I grew older I developed my own different ideals and likes. But, video just stuck with me….  

TransJakarta Busway Operator Improvement

– 1. Introduction Since repulsive traffic situations nowadays getting increasingly occurs in Jakarta, a heart of Indonesian economy city, TransJakarta as Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system expected to be alternative completion cope with this issue (Hook and Ernst 2005). Within almost ten years operated on 2004 (TransJakarta 2011), TransJakarta operating systems still has require substantial improvement facing a never end congestion and other problems come about (Hook 2003). Reflecting to these matters, one of key points of project implementation on B2B circumstance is collaborativing activity among actors which aline with the market in service ecosystem outlook (Vargo and Lusch 2011)….