Respiratory therapist Essay

Respiratory therapist Essay

A Career as a Respiratory Therapist

– … Patients who also have heart problems also may need to see a respiratory therapist to make sure they have good pulmonary health. This is important because the heart and lungs work together. This is why RTs are allowed to perform Electrocardiograms (EKGs). The EKG shows the electrical activity within the heart. Another job of respiratory therapists is to educate their patients on how to use certain medical equipment used for respiratory purposes. For example, the respiratory therapist may need to teach a child with asthma how to use an inhaler and educate when the inhaler may be needed….  

Respiratory Therapist Opinions on Obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree

– Staffing survey Out of the two 248 that were surveyed from staffing, 111 did not respond. Four percent of respondents were in the age range 18-24, 30% 25-34, 24% 35-44, 24% 35-44, 22% 45-54, 20% 55+. Sixty percent of those polled were female, and 40% were male. Eighty-four percent of those polled had an Associate’s Degree as their highest level obtained in Respiratory Care, 2% were trained on the job, and 14% had Bachelor’s degrees in Respiratory Care. When asked about the highest degree in any field, 3% answered they were on the job trained; 66% had an Associate’s Degree, 29% have a Bachelor’s Degree, and 2% of those polled have obtained a Master’s Degree…. ;

The Career of Respiratory Therapist

– Respiratory Therapist Respiratory care makes a difference. And there are reasons why a Respiratory Therapist would be a great job. A guest speaker came into our class to explain more about the job. He explained education requirements, the job description, and the job opportunities. Education requirements, is what a student needs to reach the goal of becoming a respiratory therapist. There are a total of 379 respiratory technician colleges/universities in the U.S. Such as, IUP, CCAC, and many more…. ;

Respiratory Therapist are Are Allied Health Care Specialists

– … The main certifying body for respiratory therapists is the National Board for Respiratory Care. NBRC offers two levels of certification: the Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Respiratory Therapist. The first level of the certification is the CRT applicants must have earned an associate’s degree from an accredited respiratory therapy program or a bachelor’s degree program, and pass the exam. The second level of the certification is the RRT certification applicants must have a CRT certification, meet the education requirements and pass the exam…. ;

Taking a Look at Respiratory Dysfunction

– … “The goals are as follows: 1. Increase muscular strength, 2. Increase attention and cognition, 3. Decrease spasticity, 4. Increase chest wall movement, 5. Use assessor muscle breathing while in the upright position, 6. Use diaphragmatic breathing while upright, and 7. Assisted cough. “ The physical therapy examination according to Tecklin should include: the patient’s medical history, current lab values, chest imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI, etc…), complete systems review of the integumentary, cardiopulmonary system, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular systems…. ;