Researcher social work Essay

Researcher social work Essay

The Work of Math Education Researcher, Richard Lesh

– As a contemporary mathematics education researcher, Richard Lesh is know for describing what has been known as models and modeling perspectives in regard to mathematical problem solving, learning, and teaching (Lesh & Doerr, 2003). Models are defined as “purposeful mathematical descriptions of situations, embedded within particular systems of practice that feature an epistemology of model fit and revision” (Lesh & Lehrer, 2003). What modeling involves is a series of tests for fitness on models developed by the students as they think mathematically about a presented problem situation….  

Euphemisms and Context: Social Research

– INTRODUCTION The names of animals, plants, food and other lexical sources are used metaphorically to describe human beings or their activities. These names can be used either positively as terms of approval or conversely, they may signify negativity and disapproval. Such idiomatic descriptions when used between people can be seen as a way to “express and reinforce their bonds, their sense of being “at home” with each other” (Altman 1990: 504). This rich and dynamic source of polysemy may change between different groups and cultures, as well as contexts; for example the working environment versus personal life, including family, and friends….  

Programme Researcher on Further Education

– Programme Researcher on Further Education Students’ decisions as to whether or not they stay on in further education after they have taken their GCSEs, ranges from social influence, t who has the desire to see it through – and still have enough money to live on afterwards. The main basis for staying on for further education is the GCSE grades that each individual receives. Some schools have policies where by only pupils with an average GCSE grade of a certain mark or above are actually allowed to enter for a sixth form and therefore further education….  

Social Networks and Social Networking Sites

– Introduction The world has evolved into a technologically savvy and dependent society with the Internet readily available to many. Convenience and connection are vital to individuals, especially within the United States. Social networking sites have progressed to fit the demanding desires of today’s technological era (Albarran 118). The progression from the first social networking sites, such as Friendster or instant messaging, to the sites used today, such as Facebook and Twitter, has made a significant impact on society….  

Applicantion for Doctoral Program at University of Calgary

– I always believe that every researcher should be equipped with the best of the knowledge that is available. The doctoral program in University of Calgary will provide me with an opportunity to learn more about adult education and prepare me to be a senior level educator and researcher. That is why I am applying to the Ph.D. program in Educational Studies in Adult Learning, in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. I am very motivated to commit myself to academic pursuits in the field of educational studies; particularly, I am planning to do quality research on educational issues within adult education and adult learning contexts….