Remedial teacher Essay

Remedial teacher Essay

The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses

– The Effects of Daily Formative Assessments In Ninth-Grade Remedial Algebra I Courses I. Overview of Assessments A. History of Change 1. Interest in using assessments to shape day-to-day lessons, rather than a final check on student understanding grew in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Schools recognized the limited value of summative assessments (Cavanagh, 2006). 2. In 1967, Scriven presented formative evaluations as the evaluation of an ongoing and malleable educational program and Bloom, in 1969, attempted to transfer the term formative from evaluation to assessment (Dunn & Mulvenon, 2009)….  

Diagnosing Learning Disabilities

– … Dyslexia is classified as an impairment of reading and spelling which cannot be caused by low intelligence or a cognitive delay. Reading disorder is classified as an extreme reduced speed in reading. Children with reading disorders find it difficult to comprehend what they have read because of the speed that they are reading. They tend to confuse similar sounding words and similar letters. Therefore it is so important to receive a proper diagnosis, so that the child can be helped immediately and learn to read effectively….  

A Critical Analysis of Lies My Teacher Told Me

– A Critical Analysis of:Lies My Teacher Told Me “It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things which are not so.” -FELIX OKOYE Out of all forms of literature currently known to man, educational textbooks are arguably the least interesting. On top of being incredibly boring, textbooks, especially American history ones, neglect to include the entirety of the information that it should. Because American history textbooks wish only to paint the United States in a bright light, the authors opt to leave out anything that may hurt its image….  

Structuring a Successful Composition Course

– Thinking about how I would structure my classroom for a composition course creates a dilemma for me. I had a great experience in my high school composition courses. I really responded to how it was taught and made a personal connection to the work I was doing. Originally, I wanted to model my classroom after the one I had loved so much. The readings I have done concerning postmodern techniques being used in a composition course have also seemed very appealing to me, but present a different classroom experience….  

Economic Analysis of Remedial Education and How it Illustrates Failures of US K-12 Institutions

– INTRODUCTION Education is an important part of one’s life. It can shape a student’s identity, challenge his biases, and encourage him to be inquisitorial and entrepreneurial in his thinking. Education can also push a student through institutions only to ascertain that he meets some minimum standard. Modern day high schools are graduating students in record numbers (Richmond 2013) , but the prevalence of remediation in higher education illustrates the structural failure of American public schools to effectively, adequately, and equitably educate students, especially indigent student populations (Strong American Schools)….