Recovery Officer Essay

Recovery Officer Essay

Correction Officer Burnout

– At any given time, a single corrections officer, can expect to be outnumbered by upwards of 400 inmates (Conover, 2011). It can be chilling to work in the midst of hundreds of inmates, some of which initiate attacks and inappropriate relationships. However, other issues have impacted the psychological health and physical safety of the staff. Detrimental factors have included heavy workloads, the prisons physical structure, and a lack of support from both peers and superiors. Each workplace issue has been in addition to role problems, specifically role ambiguity and role conflict (Schaufeli & Peeters, 2011)….  

Economic Recovery Plan

– Owning a home: the dream that every man dreams. The American dream is both a privilege and a burden. Typically, realizing a dream that you have had since maturity is pleasurable, however, for many Americans, the possibility of owning their own home is a temptation that burns too bright to resist. I live in Williamson County, in Tennessee, which, at one point, was ranked in the top ten wealthiest counties in the entire United States. The fact is this: if you live in Williamson County, you most likely have some money….  

Red and Blue Stress

– Red and Blue Stress You come home from an evening at the movies and someone has burglarized your home and might still be inside the house. You dial 911, the dispatch person sends a police unit to respond and check things out. The officers arrive and have no idea what awaits them as they enter your home. Will they come across the burglar, will he or she be armed, on drugs or be violent beyond control. The situation is extremely stressful and in reality the stress the officers feel is huge. Stress is a key factor in everyday life….  

Information: Bodybuilding

– Bodybuilding- Strength and Conditioning When most people hear the term ‘bodybuilding’ they think of massive, inhuman looking individuals, mostly males, who spend every waking minute in the gym lifting weights and injecting steroids. But that is not entirely true. Bodybuilding is much more complex than that, especially when it comes to nutrition. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. There are many different factors that come in to play for professional bodybuilders, as well as the regular person who is looking to put on muscle mass or whatever their fitness goals might be….  

Community Education Officer and Inclusion

– In order to understand the principles of inclusion and organisational structures which are in place within different professional contexts, it is important to expand on personal understanding of a variety of reflective learning models, as well as increasing awareness of inclusion and the diverse range of values which are contained within different ideologies of inclusive practices. Reflection on personal understanding of professional contexts and the variety of personal attributes which are required in order to develop and deliver to service users is equally important….