Receptionist telephonist Essay

Receptionist telephonist Essay

Vonage Virtual Receptionist for Small Business

– … In the phone menu, callers are given an option to enter an extension number of the person they would like to talk to and the call is transferred directly to that number. If the callers do not have the particular extension, the administrator can build a dial by name directory which callers can use to find their intended person or department. It is still possible to keep some of the extensions private by disabling this feature. For one time events, the virtual receptionist offers the administrator to use a manual schedule override to temporary change how it works….  

Receptionist Compensation Case Analysis

– PROBLEM What should Harvey Finley do with the compensation scheme of Cathy Brannen, given her contribution and the present standing of the Troupville Business Systems. OBJECTIVES ? To establish a compensation package that would be fair for Cathy Brannen and the rest of the Troupville employees. ? To keep Cathy Brannen in the company with an arrangement that is agreeable to her and the company. ? To find an alternative solution that would justify the 2% override on Cathy Brannen’s compensation. AREAS OF CONSIDERATION • Salary scheme of other employees in managerial positions….  

Managing People

– Managing People Task One Discuss how you would approach the task initially. I would initially approach the task slowly and carefully. I would carefully read the brief for the task, underlining or highlighting the important parts of the brief that concern the jobs and roles performed by Mrs. Pane. I would also try to gather information about the tasks and roles she performed. The brief describes how Mrs. Pane performed the jobs of a Receptionist/Telephonist and also that of a personal assistant….  

Estrangement of Labor

– 1) By reading through the text of extraction, in a nutshell it implies the dissatisfaction borne by the receptionist due to working as a machine not as a human. According to the cited text, the receptionist has innate notion that she was a cog of wheel of conceptual machine. What is the origin of this dissatisfaction. Philosopher Carl Marx stated that emerged because of estranged labour and alienation from the world. He formed his conceptualization of estrangement of labour which helped to identify what caused the dissatisfaction of the labour….  

Allergy and Immunology Interview

– When Professor Sloan asked the class to interview someone in our profession, I was excited with the idea of talking to someone who could guide me. I eagerly went home, and without a minute to waste, I asked my grandmother to give me the Yellow Pages with all the phone listings. I sat down at dining room table, opened the book, and I looked for a local Allergist and Immunology clinics. I found a several clinics in my area, which is Hialeah, and I made my first call. The first office that I called is five minutes away from my house….