Rail traffic controller Essay

Rail traffic controller Essay

Professional Air Traffic Controller

– The seeds of the Professional Air Traffic Controller (PATCO) strike were sown long before the strike began on August 3, 1981. PATCO was founded in 1968, and from the beginnings of the union, its members hoped to improve their current work situation under the FAA. It is important to note that as a union composed of federal employees, PATCO was not allowed to go on strike or else suffer civil and criminal penalties. Between 1970 and 1980 PATCO was under the leadership of union president John F. Leyden, during this time PATCO made significant gains….  

Air Traffic Controllers: Safety in the Skies

– … Because air traffic controllers track planes as small lit up dots on a screen, they work in a semi-dark room (Career Cruising). If one wants to be an air traffic controller, the must be able to make quick decisions and have confidence in their choices (Career Cruising). They must be focused at all times and have to be able to manage an extreme amount of stress (Crystal Korbas). Air traffic controllers must have yearly check-ups to make sure that no illnesses are being caused because of the intense stress they face every day….  

Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System

– Abstract- Due to the traffic accidents over the last few years; the development of surveillance systems with multifunctional techniques has received increasing attention. The use of the smart camera is one solution to solve the traffic problems, Smart cameras are cameras that can perform tasks far beyond simply taking photos and recording videos. Intelligent Traffic Surveillance System (ITSS) is used to monitor the roads in preventing accidents at the same time finding what causes the accidents….  

Creating a High Speed Rail Line in Wisconsin

– … The United States department of transportation was given $8 billion dollars to distribute to the states that were planning to build high speed rail lines. The states of Ohio and Wisconsin were given about $1.2 billion, but they both passed the grants up. The funds were reallocated to other states (“Wisconsin and Ohio”). For many the hope for high speed rail in the near future in Wisconsin has diminished because of Governor Walker rejected the funds, but Minnesota never stopped planning. Governor walker would have liked to spend the money on other things such as highway systems for the state and other infrastructure….  

The Horrific Traffic Jams of Egypt

– Egyptians have a lot of important issues in their life. The traffic jam in Egypt has come to be lately unbelievable; nearly everyone above 18 years of period owns a car. There is one subject that every single resident of Cairo can concur on: something needs to be completed concerning the traffic. The Egyptian capital is notorious for its congestion, a universal basis of frustration that affects everyone across the whole communal spectrum. Yet the traffic jams are far extra than an annoyance. They have extremely real commercial, environmental and area condition consequences….