Rail switchperson Essay

Rail switchperson Essay

Pros and Cons of Funding the Construction of the Express Rail Link in Hong Kong

– In January of 2010, the Legislative Council have eventually approved the funding for the construction of Guandzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (XRL), which costs $66.9 billion. This astronomical cost raised a lot of discussions that whether the railway worthed it or not. The whole alignment of the XRL railway is about 140 kilometres with its intermediate stations in Humen, Longhua and Futian. Some have argued that the new railway could contribute to Hong Kong’s short-term and long-term development…. ;

Physics of Rail Guns

– The concept of a rail gun is simple: two parallel bars connected to a power source produce an electric field. This electric field can be used to propel a projectile along the bars. If enough amperage is provided, the projectile can achieve velocities of up to 4 km/s. The U.S. Army has been interested in the potential of electromagnetic guns for quite some time. In 1988 the University of Texas Center for Electromagnetics began work on a 9 MJ range gun, which would be designed to launch 2-4 kg projectiles at velocities of up to 4 km/s…. ;

Rail Away

– Rail Away “I greatly prefer a world where all sides ware armed with shields to a world where all sides are armed with swords and no shields.” – Dr. Edward Teller For several years many advances in technology and human living have come from necessity, and that necessity comes from periods of war. We have built tanks and guns and planes and bombs to increase our chances of winning battles, and sparing as many of our lives and destroying as many of their lives as possible. Through such advances came better car engines, faster transportation, better security and self-defense, and awareness of the dangers of weaponry…. ;

Building Rail to Last

– “A railroad is like a lie, you have to keep building it to make it stand.” – Mark Twain Sustainability, the ability to create an enduring system, is a critical factor in the evaluation of an industry. The health of the transportation industry and specifically the railroad industry depends on the industry’s ability to sustain its business model in the face of resource challenges. A key driver of rail sustainability is the infrastructure, the rails, switches, yards and turnouts that the railroad industry uses when moving goods from source to destination…. ;

Hampton Roads Light Rail

– The Hampton Roads region has had a stable economy for the past couple of decades. Back in 2007 the city of Norfolk had foreseen a need address the transportation issues, a case study was launched in 2007 at address the visibility of Light Rail in Hampton Roads. With a large military presence, defense spending dominates economic industry in the region. More than 45% of the region’s economic value comes from defense spending. Between 2008 and 2010 the Hampton road population was approximately 1.67 million with a gross regional product of $81 billion annually…. ;