Radio producer Essay

Radio producer Essay

The Role of the Radio Broadcast Assistant

– … (UKCCS, 2003). The role of a BA needs to have many skills, some of these skills are: • Good research skills • Creativity and ideas • Good written and spoken communication skills • A flexible attitude • Good team working skills • The ability to plan, priorities and work under pressure. • Technical and computer skills • A keen interest in radio and music or current affairs • The ability to work on your own initiative • Excellent administrative and organizational skills (National Careers Service, 2012) All Broadcast Assistance must understand what the purpose of the show/station is about so they can be aware of the target audience (Skillset, 2009)….  

Goals of Record Producer

– Here comes Pharrell (record producer/music artist) on the radio with a new snazzy song. The song is such a hit that it has great vibes and a flowing rhythm. But wait, how does Pharrell create a song that is so attractive to your ears. A record producer would be able to answer the questions and help explain why Pharrell song is so brilliant. Record Producer is a great career to get into because they create new types of music and meet new or highly known musicians. Even though you have to learn new instruments it’s a great opportunity to create music….  

Critical Evaluation of the Radio

– Critical Evaluation of the Radio I have chosen the “Radio” brief for several different reasons. The main reason is because it is of general interest to me, and I knew that it would be an interesting project to both research and produce a radio product. When I was given the list of briefs for the research, the “print” brief wasn’t available to me as I chose to produce a magazine for my coursework last year. Before I set out to produce my radio coursework product, I was aware that there was a mass amount of research that I needed to carry out in order to know exactly what I was going to produce….  

A Career in Radio Broadcasting

– “The ball comes down the court; this is an intense game anything can happen. The score is tied and nobody is guarding the ball handler. He is wide open coming down the lane, he goes up, and he makes it. The blue team wins, the player of the game scored.” This is just a small example of life of a radio sports broadcaster. However, some people are not in to sports that are ok because this is just one branch of broadcasting, and there are many different jobs you can have such as: a disc jockey, announcer, programmer, producer and many more….  

Three Jobs that I Would Like to Do

– … The pharmacist prepares medications, fills doctor’s prescriptions, and counsels patients about the proper use of medications. This job has a lot of benefits such as high salary, security and comprehensive medical coverage. Another job is a veterinarian. They diagnose animal health problems, vaccinate against diseases, and medicate animals suffering from infections of illnesses. This job has high security, good outlook and good wage. The reason why I am interested in these jobs is I feel interest in chemistry and I like dealing with animals….